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Manage Your Budget: 6 Finance Apps

Most people are willing to spend less and save more. And when they go on a road trip, they even use a handy app to rent a car cheap. However, this is often not enough to turn the thoughts of an exciting journey into reality because in most cases people don’t keep track of how much they spend. Luckily, you can all change dramatically if you install personal finance apps on your smartphone. These programs will let you know how much and on what you have spent, as well as greatly save your budget for something special…

You were so eager to book Las Vegas car rental under 25 and enjoy an incredible vacation, but unfortunately, you wiped out your monthly budget before you even started. Is this a familiar situation to you? We are sure that yes! 

Money Manager 

This is a classic personal finance application. Here you can enter information about income and expenses, loans or salaries, and later revise statistics for any period. The application is convenient in that all information is also available for viewing through a laptop or PC. 

In the main window, the main tabs are sorted by time periods, while the “Transactions” field displays account, type, amount, category, and other information. Pie charts and graphs make budget monitoring a lot easier. There’s also bank card management and budget planning for certain categories. 

Another useful feature is double entry. That is, you can link income and expenses to specific categories or accounts. You will also appreciate the check recognition option. No need to enter the data yourself. You can just take a photo of the receipt, and the application will analyze it and determine the right expense category.

Money Lover 

Money Lover offers the highest level of financial control. The program supports all the classic features for keeping track of personal finances and provides detailed statistics on income and expenses. You can create invoices or plan a budget for the future. 

The main page contains a set of tabs with operations for different periods, including a current day, past days, and upcoming expenses. You can also add your debts or mentions of recurring payments to Money Lover. 

The interface in the application is convenient and intuitive. In the app, you can also create plans for large purchases or savings. The funds that you want to set aside monthly will automatically disappear from your budget so that you don’t spend them. You can also create separate wallets here and track, for example, how much you have spent on vacation.



Personal budgeting and financial planning on a monthly basis is the main feature of Goodbudget. This is what sets it apart from other similar apps. You personally determine the amount of money and what you want to spend it on. The application then monitors the progress of the plan. 

The program works on the following principle: when receiving income, it distributes money in different directions. On the indicated dates, the service will remind you of the required payments and warn you that the limit on purchases in a particular category is running out. You can see the overall report through a diagram with detailed information.


This is another simple and very convenient to use application. Monefy can calculate your expenses, divide them into categories and show statistics. One of the most useful features is connecting multiple devices. For example, if you have more than one gadget or want to keep track of the budget of all family members, then simply connect other smartphones or tablets to Monefy. Syncing via Dropbox makes it easy and fast. 

The application saves a backup in case of loss of the gadget or its failure. It’s especially convenient that Monefy can generate statistics for a specific category of the budget, and not for all expenses. That is, if you want, for example, to set aside a certain amount from each salary, then you can simply leave it out of your monthly budget, and the program will calculate expenses without taking this amount into account. 

Another nice feature of the app is bringing a widget with monthly expenses statistics to the main screen of your smartphone.


The program allows you to work with three tabs: transaction, statistics, and budget. In the center is a large button for entering expenses and income. Management is quite convenient, as you can quickly add operations, view reports, etc. 

The app will monitor your monthly plan. There’s a payment planner here that will remind you to pay utility bills or any other regular expenses. After analyzing your expenses for a certain period in Spendee, you can plan expenses for each category. The program supports maintaining a joint budget for multiple accounts as well. 

The main task of the Spendee program is to keep track of how much we are spending and on what. In addition, it will help you draw up our budget so that you don’t spend money too quickly. In addition to entering data manually, you can connect a bank account to the program and do all operations online. 

Spendee provides visual depictions and graphs of all your costs. Thus, you can easily find where you can save money, what to give up completely, and where you need to increase your budget.


Wallet is one of the personal finance apps designed to help you save money, plan the future budget, and see all your finances in one place. With Wallet, you can automatically update your daily expenses with bank sync, dive into your weekly expense reports, manage your debt, and track your bills. 

Thanks to this synchronization, all the reports that Wallet gives you are very accurate. In addition, Wallet will help you plan a budget based on your goals. Whether it’s paying off debts, buying real estate, or renting a car for a trip, you can do it as efficiently as possible. 

The service offers automatic updating of banking transactions and synchronization with the bank. Clear charts and financial overviews provide detailed insight into the financial situation on bank accounts, credit cards, and cash.

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