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Meditation to keep the mind calm during the Corona period

The impact of the global pandemic of Corona is very wide. The effect of covid is not only physical but also mental. Corona disease has also affected the mental health of people all over the world. At this time the whole world is living in fear of death. People are locked in their homes. Every moment there is a fear that you may not get infected when you go out. This realization has also lowered the morale of the people. At present, the world does not have a way to overcome this crisis. But it is possible to keep the mind calm during the Corona period. Continuously listening to the news of this dreaded disease, the turmoil going on in the mind can be calmed down by meditation. Meditation gives you the opportunity to look inward to your mind.

The benefits of meditation are no less. Meditation can help in healing the mind not only in this era of corona but even after this. People all over the world are aware of these benefits of meditation and are also getting benefited.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you, what is meditation? Apart from this, we will also give information about the method of meditation to keep the mind calm during the Corona period. By knowing these measures, you too can keep the mind and mind calm and healthy.

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What is Meditation?

There are many notions in the minds of people regarding meditation. As soon as the name of meditation or meditation is taken, a picture of a Buddhist lama sitting calmly on the mountain emerges in the mind of the people. Or else the face of a stunning yogi sitting blindly in Padmasana emerges.

It is just one face of yoga or meditation. Actually, meditation can happen anywhere. This can happen even in the throes of the metro and while working on a laptop in the corporate world.

Meditation is not a religious practice. However, some of the world’s famous sects have made some form of meditation their monopoly. But it is not just sitting blindfolded. Meditation also doesn’t mean emptying the mind while keeping thoughts and thoughts empty.

Meditation or meditation is simply the act of concentrating on the breath. This action itself helps to calm the mind. During this, you focus on only one thing and that is the speed of your breath.

How to do Meditation?

Meditation is very easy. You can do it in five steps. like,

1. Look for a Comfortable Place

Many people feel comfortable sitting in a chair while their feet are flat on the floor. At the same time, some people like to sit on the ground or on a pillow with a cross. Some people like to lie down. The most important thing is that, whatever the situation, you should feel comfortable.

2. Close Your Eyes

If closing your eyes makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, you can slowly focus your gaze on something specific instead. It could be a tree outside the window or a pen on your desk

3. Breathe

Breathe freely while meditating. No need to take long breaths. nor to do any other action. Just relax and breathe.

4. Pay Attention To Your Breathing

There is no need to control your breath at all. You let the breath come and go freely. Give up the temptation to control the speed of your breath. You just pay attention to his speed. How long did the breath come in and after how long did it go out on its own? You just focus on this.

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Notice that the sensation will be felt throughout your body by focusing on the movement of your breath. You will feel, how the breath is going through your nose, passing through the throat, chest to the navel. Its sensation will also be felt on the ribs.

5. Focus on the Breath Again

For many years the rites of disorientation have been present in our minds. Because of this, they do not allow them to focus on work like meditation. If any thought comes to your mind which is distracting your attention. So turn the mind back to the movement of the breath.

Thousands of thoughts keep running in the mind simultaneously. He is not used to being so calm. Therefore, as soon as one thought is removed from the mind, it manifests another. But your effort should be to take your mind back towards the movement of the breath.

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