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Most Popular Poll Questions and Examples for Instagram 2021

Instagram offers different experiences with the new features it added. In particular, the 2021 survey questions were so popular that the most popular  Instagram Poll surveys research began to be done frequently. You can set yes-no when opening a survey on Instagram or you can leave an empty box so that it responds to the survey questions you give.


We have compiled the most popular polls on Instagram for you. Below are over 70 examples of surveys. If you want, you can increase your interaction with your followers by posting every day or once a week.

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1) Is it women or men who stand behind their promises?


2) Is it a crime to stare or to make one look?


3) Does love forgive everything?


4) Is it a man or a woman who falls in love the fastest?


5) What was the hardest decision you’ve ever made in your life?


6) Do you have a strange phobia?


7) What is something you tried once but never want to try again?


8) Have you ever had to do something you didn’t want to do?


9) Love marriage or logic marriage?


10) Has your spouse or girlfriend ever cheated on you?


11) Do you lie for your loved ones?


12) What is written in the last DM you received?


13) Does your loved one’s past concern you? (Men may say yes more in the survey)


14) Men die earlier than women, do you think the reason is nagging? (Asked for years, but Instagram will reach millions of thanks to the survey)


15) Do you attribute the increase in cheating to social media?


16) Would you marry someone you met on Instagram?


17) Is the man more reliable or the woman?


18) Which profession would you like to marry someone?


19) What is the last book you read?


20) Would you wash your wife’s feet?


21) What song makes you forget all your troubles?


22) If being single is a sultanate, why did you get married?


23) What would you say to a person who says I want to meet you?


24) Which word do you like the most?


25) How would you like to change the thing you hate most in the world?


26) Your spouse or your family?


27) Do new generation TV series trigger cheating?


28) Do you like macho men?


29) Do you live in the city where you were born?


30) Where would you like to live outside of Turkey?


31) How did you meet your lover?


32) Can you share with us an unforgettable series of lines? (Hopefully no slang in the survey example)


33) What is the word you heard in the movie but couldn’t forget?


34) What movie do you say that if I watch it 100 times, I would watch the 101st?


35) Who are the celebrities you follow and like their posts?


36) Do you remember the name of the last song you listened to?


37) What was the last thing you shared on your Instagram story?


38) Is your partner romantic?


39) Can you describe your most romantic moment in one word?


40) What do you miss most in your childhood? (You can get everything answers in this survey question)


41) What’s in your smartphone’s background image?


42) What type of posts do you like to post on Instagram?


43) What is the food that you would never get tired of even though I eat it every day?


44) What is the name of the first pet you had?


45) Do you like getting tattoos?


46) I hate this behavior! What is your habit you say?


47) Can you watch horror movies alone?


48) What is your least favorite animal?


49) Do you do your childhood dream job? (If the answer to this survey was yes, the world’s pilot gap would be closed)


50) Do you do to others what you do not want done to you?


51) I would never do such a thing in my life! Did you do what you said?


52) What does someone do to you that makes you mad?


53) Have you tried writing lyrics or poetry?


54) Which is your favorite zodiac sign?


55) I would not marry a person from this sign! Which zodiac sign are you talking about? (Sharing the answers to the survey question publicly may break some)


56) What scares you most in life?


57) Who did you get angry with the most in your life?

58) Can you share a moment when you laughed out loud?


59) What upsets you the most?


60) Are you satisfied with the life you live?


61) What is the question you don’t want to be asked? (Don’t be surprised if they say this question when answering the survey example)


62) What makes you gasp before starting a job?


63) Who is it that you trust in this life and that you would not do me wrong?


64) Dark or Milk Chocolate? (In our survey question, boys might say milky, girls might say dark)


65) Do you have conversations with your childhood friends?


66) What is your favourite aspect of your best friend?


67) We’ve been friends for years, but I hate this behaviour! What is that temper?

68) Have you lost someone close to you from Covid-19?


We have compiled survey questions and examples that may be popular on Instagram Poll in 2021 and the following years for you. I hope your followers like the survey questions. And you can also increase Instagram followers with high rated istanbul escort sites.

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