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Neoboard – The Best Chrome Extensions for Ecommerce

Are you an e-commerce merchant looking to skyrocket your business growth? Are you looking for the right tools to reach your full selling potential? Do you use technology to get ahead in your business? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. Just enter “Neoboard Chrome Extension” in Google. You will get Best Chrome Extensions for Ecommerce.

An E-commerce Chrome Extension, designed specifically to meet the needs of the sellers. From package tracking to message templates, Neoboard is a one-of-a-kind Chrome extension that offers a plethora of benefits.

Let us dive into the features of Neoboard, that make it the best chrome extensions for eCommerce.


With the aid of technology, there is no geographic limit to where someone could discover your business. As a result, every e-commerce platform expects the seller to provide a seamless customer support experience. One such support policy of Amazon is to respond to customers in their language. With the Neoboard extension’s high-quality, fast translation feature, you can easily communicate with your customers in their language. With 109 language options, you can translate the conversation with your customers with a click. All you need to do is set your primary language on the options page and select to translate the text into the detected language, leaving you with the desired translation.

Message Template:

Another seamless customer support experience the chrome extension provides is the message template. Craft templates and send them across to your customers in any language with just one click. Create a template from the options page and click the translate button in the template tab to translate the message. Copy the translated text via the copy icon and share it. To ease the process, you can also save frequently used message templates, like greetings or regards.

Track Package:

The uptrend in online business also means shoppers expect fast shipping and easy tracking information. With the Neoboard, keeping tabs on customers’ packages is quick and hassle-free. You can check the status of your client’s package without leaving the chat. Just enter the Order ID and select the country, and voila! You get the package carrier details and location with date and time.

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Ecommerce calculator

As the name suggests, the e-commerce calculator helps you instantly calculate the profits per item. The calculator has been built with all the latest updates and is easy to use. The calculator also includes international payments and eBay-managed payments. You can even count the benefit rate with this feature.

Amazon Negative Feedback Remover

Negative feedback on Amazon can impact your sales, ranking, and profits. And that is where the Neoboard Extension can help you. All you need to do is fill out a form that requires a customer order ID, select the Amazon channel, and submit the same to generate the URL. Copy this URL by clicking the copy icon and send the copied URL to your customer to remove the negative feedback.

With the Neoboard, you save ample time as this easy-to-use, hassle-free extension does not require switching between tabs and has everything required for daily customer support. It also lets you hide the non-utilized features from the options page. Make your seller’s journey easy with the Neoboard chrome extension. Download a free version of the Neoboard chrome extension and rule the e-commerce space with just a click.

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