Never Ignore These 7 Things on Windows {PC Tips}

Windows operating system is the most used OS in the world. Around 75% of the total computer users use this operating system on their computer devices. There are some things that should always be kept in mind while using a Windows PC. This article informs you about some of the very useful Windows PC tips that should be used by every user.

List of PC Tips That Should Not Be Ignored on Windows PC

PC tips are very useful if used in the correct way. These tips help in reducing the burden for the user and make sure that the computer device performs well. Below there is a list of some very useful PC tips. Which should not be ignored by any user on a Windows operating system computer.

1. Use Only The Updated Version of The Device Drivers

The first PC tip on our list is to only use the latest version of the device drivers on PC. Drivers are a set of files that are responsible for building communication links between the operating system and the hardware.

Taking an example of a keyboard driver, if it is not working or responding according to the commands of the users. Then there might be some issue with the driver. Users can take the help of a free driver updater for windows 10 in order to fix all the issues related to the device drivers.

2. Make Some Changes In The Power Settings

Changing the power settings of a computer device can be very helpful for the user in many ways. It boosts the performance of the device and gives the user a better experience while working on it.

This tip is mainly for laptop computer devices, as they are not connected with the power supply directly as the desktops. Laptops are required to be charged before using and changes in the power settings help laptops to last long.

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3. Remove All The Duplicate Data

Another very important tip on our list is to remove all the duplicate data from the hard drive. The data can be in the form of duplicate photos, videos, files, folders and many other things. This acquires so much unnecessary space in the device and slows down the performance.

Users are advised to clear all the duplicate and similar files from the device. To do this, one can use a duplicate file and photo finder software on a Windows PC.

4. Use Extensions On The Web Browser

Most web browsers provide a facility to use extensions on a computer device. These extensions help in doing tasks without even installing any software. All the work is done on the web itself.

This is a very useful PC tip as it saves time and storage space for the user. There are many different types of extensions available for web browsers. That can be used by all users freely without any cost.

5. Set Limits for The Startup Programs

The Windows operating system comes with some sort of programs that start automatically without the permission of the user. These startup programs consume the essential resources of the computer device like RAM and storage.

When the storage and RAM are consumed by these programs. It slows down the performance of the device and stops the user from performing tasks on the PC. Disabling the startup programs is very easy. Just go to the Windows settings, search for the program and click on the disable button.

6. Get Help From The Task Manager

Task manager is yet another amazing feature provided by the Windows operating system. From the name itself, one can understand the job done by a task manager. It keeps track of all the tasks and activities taking place on the PC.

The user is informed about the resources used by every single software in the computer. If found that any software is using more memory or RAM. The user is advised to stop that software right from the task manager.

7. Add Extra RAM to your Device

The performance of a computer device depends on the RAM of that device. It is always seen that fast RAM leads to fast processing on the device. If you are facing any performance-related problem on your computer device try adding some extra RAM.

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This PC tip is not used by many users, as increasing the RAM requires a good amount of money. But the cost is totally worth it and gives the user a better experience while working on a computer device.


These were some amazing PC tips that can be used by all Windows operating system users. All the tips mentioned in this article above saves a lot of time and effort for the user.

If all these tips are used in a correct manner. It enhances the performance of the computer device and helps the user in performing tasks in a better way.

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