Outsource Medical Billing: Medical Practice Profitable

Some medical facilities may believe that they must perform medical billing services on their own. However, there are many practices that could benefit from the assistance of a third-party company. It all depends on your practice’s situation, but there are a few reasons why many businesses would consider outsourcing medical billing services.

Your practice can automatically check patient insurance eligibility

Is your medical practice bringing in part-time help to determine whether or not patients have insurance coverage? If the answer is yes, this is not the best way to verify such information.

Instead, you should consider hiring a medical billing company to handle this task for you. Automatically checking data is simple, and the sooner you know all of a patient’s critical medical details, the better.

Fewer Billing and Coding Errors

Mistakes are possible even in experienced medical practices. You are not criticizing your staff if you believe that your practice could benefit from some additional assistance. Having third-party staff can only make billing and coding easier. With their assistance, fewer errors will be made in these areas, which makes sense given that they deal with codes all the time. If mistakes are made, they will identify and correct them more quickly than if you handled everything in-house.

Protect Patient Data

Hackers will go to any length to gain access to your patients’ sensitive medical data. While you may have people on your team who are well-versed in technology, maintaining industry best practices will always be a challenge.

Having professional medical billers assist you makes this process much easier. They will follow all applicable regulations to ensure that your patients’ information is kept secure at all times.

They can ensure the security of your patients’ data by enlisting the assistance of a medical billing company. Meanwhile, your IT department will be able to focus on keeping servers running smoothly.

Improve Your Medical Practice’s Productivity

Third-party companies are often more efficient with data use because they have a broader set of tools at their disposal. By mining data from your patient database, they will be able to identify patterns and trends that will aid in increasing the productivity of your practice in the future. Sometimes all it takes is a little more knowledge to make a significant difference in the efficiency of your medical practice.

Concerns Regarding In-House Medical Billing

Medical billing must be done efficiently if a medical practice is to function properly. When it comes to medical billing, you have two options: outsource billing services to a third-party company or do in-house medical billing.

It can be tempting to perform everything in-house because you can avoid paying another company to handle the job and keep billing in one location, which sounds simpler.

In reality, in-house medical billing is not as simple as it sounds, and we want to discuss why it may not be the best option. Discover the reasons why you may not want to do in-house medical billing.

When staff are not present, billing operations may be suspended

If you do medical billing in-house, it means that it is only done when your employees are in the office. If any of your employees go on vacation or become ill and are unable to work, your billing department will suffer greatly. This can limit the amount of revenue your practice can generate.

As a result, we recommend that you outsource your medical billing services. This way, even if you have employees who aren’t in the office, you’ll have all the people you need handling your billing tasks.

In-House Medical Billing Increases Costs

Although it may appear strange at first, in-house medical billing is more expensive for your practice. While you do not pay another company to handle billing procedures, you must pay for other items such as billing technology and training to operate said technology. Third-party companies will handle these costs for you, so outsourcing to another company will save you money over the long term.

Development and Training

As previously stated, in-house medical billing necessitates training your staff to use all billing technology. Not only that, but you must keep your staff up to date on all current regulations and update technology as needed. This can be difficult because regulations change frequently. With a third-party company on your side, you’ll know that the people providing your billing services are always following the rules.

How to Determine Whether Your Facility Requires a Medical Billing Specialist

The idea of spending money to outsource medical billing is unappealing to some medical facilities. They may believe that outsourcing these services will impede their cash flow. This is not the case, and many medical professionals have embraced the idea of hiring a medical billing specialist to handle all of their billing needs. If you’re not sure if your facility could benefit from the services of a medical billing expert, here’s how to tell if it’s a good idea.

Your revenue stream has slowed

We can become so engrossed in our daily tasks that it’s easy to overlook a slowing revenue stream. First, determine how well your billing department is performing, how much the department costs, and whether or not you are paid on time.

After that, add up all of your expenses, including physical space, phone bills, billing supplies, and salary for your support staff.

Outsourcing to a medical billing expert may be a good idea if it would cost less money for your facility to handle these expenses with a third party company.

Staffing and recruitment issues

It can take a long time to file all of your claims, not to mention the time spent following up on those claims later. This can make it difficult to maintain staffing in an economical manner.

Any medical practice may experience turnover, and if you lose too many staff members, your billing department may be left vulnerable. Your healthcare revenue cycle must be managed by experienced personnel around the clock.

Hiring a medical billing expert from a third-party company ensures that you always have enough staff to handle your medical billing needs. If you’re concerned about having enough employees in-house, this is a great option.

You Get a Lot of Rejected Claims

If a medical claim is denied, you must review it, make changes, and resubmit it as soon as possible. It’s difficult to avoid rejections due to the complexity of medical billing, especially since facilities must deal with multiple payers on a regular basis, increasing the likelihood of unpaid claims piling up.

Outsourcing to a medical billing expert means you won’t have to deal with all of the time-consuming and laborious tasks associated with dealing with rejected medical claims. This will free up your staff’s time and allow your facility to run more efficiently.

Why Should Medical Billing Services Be Outsourced in 2022?

Medical billing can be a difficult and time-consuming task, and you’ll need the right skills to do it correctly. Improper medical billing can lead to revenue loss and increased denials for your medical practice. For this and other reasons, many practices will consider outsourcing medical billing. Outsourcing medical billing has advantages, and we’ll explain how it can helps you.

Reduce Management Overhead

You won’t have to devote as much time to staff management and tracking of their work if you outsource to a medical billing service organization. Instead, you can devote more time to providing medical services to your patients. When you can devote your time to your specialty, your medical practice becomes more cost-effective.

You’ll Save More Cash

Outsourcing billing allows your practice to save money as well. Medical billing requires a lot of equipment, such as IT equipment with the most up-to-date software. In addition, you’ll need staff to manage this technology, which means you’ll have to pay those employees and train them to use whatever software your practice has.

When you outsource billing, you eliminate all of these costs. A third-party company will handle everything on your behalf with their own highly trained staff. As an added bonus, you will be free of the liability that comes with in-house medical billing.

You will not overcharge or undercharge

When medical billing, your medical practice should avoid frequently using the highest codes. If you do, Medicare and commercial payers are much more likely to flag you, which can lead to a slew of audits and other issues.

On the other hand, if you under bill, your practice may not make as much money as it should.

Finding that balance can be difficult, which is why entrusting such a complex task to professionals is often the best option. They will ensure that your bills are appropriate for optimizing the cash flow of your practice.

Maintain Patient Data Security

It is easier to keep all of your patients’ data secure and protected when you outsource medical billing services. When patient records are compromised, it not only causes harm to the patients, but it also causes significant revenue loss.

Patient data security is a top priority for a professional medical billing company. This ensures that all of your patient data is protected to the highest level possible.

Is It Best to Outsource Your Medical Billing Services?

For many years, medical billing has been a regular part of many practices’ routines. However, as practices take on more clients, it can become difficult to handle all of their medical billing services on their own. It is best to outsource these services to a third-party company at this point. However, outsourcing goes far beyond simply making day-to-day work easier. Outsourcing medical billing services can help your practice in a variety of ways.

Reduce Your Spending

Medical billing companies benefit from what is known as economies of scale. This means that the cost of individual units decreases as production companies produce more units. A billing company must handle far more billing claims than a private practice.

Variable, Fixed Expenses

If you need to hire a billing department for your medical practice, the main cost will be the salaries (and benefits) you pay your employees. These salaries are referred to as fixed costs because they remain constant regardless of how well or poorly your company performs. When you outsource to a medical billing company, however, you pay them on a variable basis. They will only charge a percentage of the amount collected. This means you won’t have to pay them as much if there is a general decrease in collections for any reason.

Get Paid More Frequently

A billing company is the most powerful in the billing field. They do not consider billing to be a side project. They can process your bills faster, handle rejections as they come in, and re-bill while correcting any errors.

Reduce Your Employees’ Stress

Getting your paperwork completed is not the only aspect of submitting your own bills, which is already taxing. It also includes correcting errors, monitoring your process, and conducting fee reviews to ensure that reimbursement is received at the correct rate. You can avoid assigning these tasks to your employees by outsourcing them to a medical billing company. Allowing a medical billing company to handle all of these tasks frees up your employees to focus on other tasks, making your practice more efficient.


Practolytics is a 20+ year old healthcare technology and management company. We partner with healthcare practices to provide end-to- end solutions including medical billing, healthcare consulting and practice analytics, allowing practices to eliminate revenue cycle management inefficiencies.

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