Principles of solving Rubik’s cube

A Rubik’s cube is one of the most exciting and learning-oriented toys that I have ever come across. It is one of the best ways to engage your mind in a fun way. 

A Rubik’s Cube is hands down one of the most historic of the toys that have been ever made. Interestingly, it has been the best seller for the longest time in the world of toys. 

With numerous advantages, it is exciting to know that Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s cube didn’t think of it as a toy but as an educational tool through which he could tell his students about the various multidimensional figures in architecture, but later on, it was branded as a toy and gathered a lot of following. 

A Rubik’s cube is a toy that helps you to pass time without any guilt. It helps you to take a quick break in between your meetings and spend that break activating your brain without even you knowing it. 

Despite the familiarity with Rubik’s cube, there are certain principles of solving it. 

These principles are:

  • Observe the Rubik’s cube clearly

Observing and getting familiar with the cube is the major principle in enabling the process of solving it. Getting familiar with the cube would help you to organize your moves clearly in your head and would also help you to understand the mechanism of this magnificent invention. Moreover, observation helps in giving you an idea of what strategy you would want to go ahead with.

  • Fixate on a strategy but also be flexible

Once you have observed the cube clearly and got familiar with its working, the second principle to follow is to figure out a strategy that would help you to solve the cube faster and efficiently. Figuring out a strategy would help you have a clear head and improve your focus on solving the cube. Moreover, it is to be remembered that while fixating on the strategy for solving the cube it is also necessary to be flexible with the strategy and change it when you feel that the strategy isn’t working.

  • Go through the existing strategies

If you are new to Rubik’s cube it is advised to go through the existing strategies to solve the Rubik’s cube, as this principle might help in understanding the solution of the Rubik’s cube better. Once you have become comfortable in using the already existing strategies then you can go ahead and find or develop a strategy of your own and make it more efficient than the existing ones. But if you are already familiar with the tried and tested strategies, you can definitely jump onto developing your own. 

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  • Use an algorithm

One of the most effective ways to devise your strategy is through formulating an algorithm of your own. An algorithm is the heart and soul of the solution and once you formulate it. The whole procedure of developing a strategy and implementing the strategy to achieve the desired result becomes easy and effective. An algorithm helps you get a clear picture and is often the actual work solving the cube. 

  • Choose an appropriate Rubik’s cube

It is important to choose a cube that is easy on the hand and the eyes. Oftentimes we delve into cubes that are fancy looking and very shiny, this might distract you from solving it. A Rubik’s should amplify your personality and should be according to your comfort preferences. Moreover, Simple Rubik’s cube with good quality material is a thousand times more efficient than a Rubik’s cube which is beautiful to look at. 

With these five principles in mind, you could solve a Rubik’s cube in just no time.

A Rubik’s cube changed the diaspora of games and toys for children. It brought a whole new dimension to things that were earlier considered a distraction or a time-wastage. 

The benefits of Rubik’s cube are amazing. It does not just help to increase your cognitive abilities but also helps in reducing minor anxieties. Moreover, it has also been said to eradicate minor addictions such as nail-biting and several others. It helps to develop problem-solving skills and analytical skills and improves the agility of fingers as well. 

A game of brains, a Rubik’s cube is a must-buy especially in the times like these when we are completely inside our homes. 

If you feel like picking a hobby to help you get past this pandemic, then solving a cube could prove to be a great one. Once you get comfortable with the cube you can always level up your game with its other variants. 

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Happy cubing!


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