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Procedure: IVF In Vitro Fertilization

Whenever we talk about fertility treatment, the first test-tube baby technique that comes to our mind is IVF.

You might wonder what exactly IVF is, then let me clarify to you in detail.

What Is IVF Treatment?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the most common and effective methods that the doctor performs for fertility conditions in an IVF Centre in Punjab.

In IVF treatment, there are various stages that a patient has to undergo in order to conceive a child successfully. It is often conducted when the women in the couple are unable to form adequate and healthy eggs in the ovaries. There are various reasons for this condition to suffer, including blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

What Is The Procedure For IVF Treatment?

As said earlier, IVF is an extensive technique that is done under the guidance of skilled surgeons at a Test Tube Baby Centre In Punjab. At the start of the procedure, the doctor prescribes some fertility medicines to the women, which helps in stimulating more eggs in their bodies. This procedure helps them secure an idea of having healthy eggs for fertilization if the woman is unable to make them by their own reproductive system. After that, the patient is asked to revisit the center for the next step, which includes the retrieval of eggs and sperm from both couples. (if you are single, you can always use a sperm donor for fertilization). After the eggs and the sperm are harvested from their respective bodies, the doctor puts them in a Petri Dish and waits till it is fertilized. The whole process of fertilization takes place in the laboratory. 3 To 5 days after the fertilization, the surgeon scheduled another meeting with the couple in order to implant the embryo back in the womb of the woman for the process of natural childbirth. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Get Pregnant Through IVF?

It is a long process and needs to be done by the professional with intricacy to achieve maximum success. One cycle approximately takes two months to complete. Women younger than 35 have higher chances of getting pregnant in the 1st IVF in both egg retrieval and embryo transfer phase.

Women who are unable to get pregnant in the 1st cycle still have good chances to conceive a child in their 2nd or 3rd or more IVF cycle. There are many things that become an obstruction in order to achieve pregnancy through IVF. The doctor would be able to tell you the reason why the procedure of VF is not successfully working after diagnosing. They might even suggest some other form of treatment to get pregnant.

One of such factors that play a significant role in impacting the IVF treatment for childbirth is the Age factor. Women who are younger than 35 have greater chances of conceiving, whereas as the woman grows older, the chances reduce.

 Final Comments

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