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Profitable Poultry Farming Business In India With Benefits

If you are looking for many ways to earn, then you can consider a poultry farm. The poultry farm is one of the rapidly growing agribusinesses. To improve egg production by three times, the Government has already taken steps to improve the health of the chicks and birds. The Government of India is already administering a National Livestock Mission to support the poultry farm business. Even the Government is making great purchases and providing financial assistance to the BPL families for commencing poultry farming business in India.

There are around 3 million farmers and 15 million agricultural farmers already working in the poultry industry. So if you are also willing to start a successful poultry farming business in India, you are on the right platform. So here we are sharing the complete guide to create a poultry business in India and grow exponentially.

Benefits of Poultry Farming

  • People nowadays are cautious about their health and consider protein-rich foods as their healthiest food option. Poultry products provide high nutrition and diet; that’s the reason they are high in demand.
  • Poultry farming is an outstanding source of income creation.
  • It requires small capital to start with fewer utility items like electricity, water, heat, etc.
  • By poultry farming, you would create two types of food items, eggs and meat. Both of these items are huge in demand due to their nutritional value.
  • A poultry farm is a constant source of income because the demand for meat and eggs never go down.
  • By starting a poultry farm, you can increase employment opportunities for the unemployed.

Types of Birds in Poultry Farm

India is one of the greatest poultry markets in the world. In India, many species of birds like chicken, geese, turkey, ducks, guinea fowl, and quail are raised for meat. Indian poultry farmers are mainly known for growing a variety of chickens. Out of 600 types of chickens around the world, India is known to grow 92 species from them for meat and egg production.

There are three different categories of chickens which mainly used in India, which as follows:

Broiler chickens – Broiler chickens are commonly grown because of their high producing rate and high amount of meat. It takes only 8 weeks for a broiler chicken to grow up to its full potential.

Layer chickens – Layer birds are different breeds of hens. They start laying hens from 18 to 19 weeks and lay eggs for 72 to 78 weeks. These birds produce over 250 eggs a year and consume 2.25 kg of feed.

Rooster chickens – A rooster, also known as a cock or cockerel, is a male gallinaceous bird, with a cockerel being younger and a rooster being an adult male chicken. They don’t grow faster; however, they are good to guard the general area where other hens are nesting and attack other roosters that enter their territory. Besides, they make for tasteful meat and quickly adapt to different environments, making it easier to transport them.

How much profit can you earn?

A poultry farming business is a profitable and generous business option in India. Just in six months of starting a poultry farm business, you reach BEP. Most of your birds begin laying eggs at the age of 6 months. The volume of profit that you can earn based on the size of your business. Even if you are running a small poultry farm, you can still make a generous profit from your business. Besides selling meat and eggs, you can even sell feathers and other farm products like manure and gunny bags to make an additional profit.

In addition to the poultry farming business, you can start any crop farming business near your poultry farm to make a great profit. This will help you to reduce the burden of expenses and increase revenue. To start a farm, you know the steps about farming. You can start any crop farming according to the season and climate. Here we suggest you choose a best farm vehicle like the Mahindra 475, which is robust, powerful and packed with many features. It will help you to reach the productivity of the farm and give you higher satisfaction. 

We hope you like this content about the poultry farming business in India. For more information about farming, business and technologies, stay tuned with Tractor Junction.

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