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Promote YouTube Channel – 10 Amazing Tricks For Engaging Traffic

Some may contend that if you want to promote a YouTube channel, it is equivalent to admitting that your videos won’t get authentic views.

This would have been a good point if it had been the year 2008.

But after 30 years, the Internet has evolved into a much more democratic medium than it once was.

This implies that a YouTube content creator’s chances of success are inversely correlated with their marketing skill rather than their income.

Due to the daily upload of about 500 hours of video content on YouTube, the best strategy to promote your YouTube channel as a whole is required. Execute the following to promote YouTube channel and start getting subscribers on YouTube.

1. Include More Interactivity In Your Videos

Another strategy for promoting YouTube videos is to make them interactive.

By interacting with the viewers, you may establish a rapport with them that will motivate them to share your videos with others.

Your videos can be made more engaging by:

  • Requesting responses to a question you pose in the video from viewers.
  • Asking them to choose the video’s next subject.
  • Hosting Q&A sessions where you respond to queries from viewers.
  • Making videos in which your viewers decide your next move.

You should take the time to respond to and like the comments on your videos in addition to making them interactive.

Make time every week to go over all of the comments on your videos and respond to any criticism your fans may have, including unfavourable ones.

2. Discover What’s Popular

Discovering what other YouTube videos are popular will help you promote your own video and increase the likelihood that viewers will recommend it to others.

Trends on YouTube can be found by:

  • Finding keywords to target with Google Trends.
  • Examining what is currently featured on YouTube’s Trending page.
  • Using tools for tracking keywords.
  • Looking at what’s trending on other social media platforms.

When you know what YouTube trends are, you can decide if they fit with your content and how to make videos that will follow suit.

You’ll increase your chances of having your video recommended by following trends that make sense for your channel.

3. Distribute YouTube Videos

You can start utilising YouTube Shorts, a relatively new feature.

Similar to Tik Tok and Reels, you may publish brief videos on YouTube Shorts that grab viewers’ attention in just a few seconds.

Since YouTube Shorts are so brief, there is a greater likelihood that viewers will watch them and see them on their timelines.

You may get help from YouTube Shorts:

  • If visitors like your content, drive traffic to your YouTube channel.
  • Gain more subscribers by being exposed.
  • Create a community for your work by now.

In addition to leveraging your YouTube Shorts to promote your content, you can also make money off of them.

4. Search For Seasonal Content

YouTube’s content changes with the seasons as well. For instance, the summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas provide special chances for various content.

You’ll receive more views and shares if you keep an eye out for holidays or other seasonal events that you may write a video about.

This is also a fantastic chance to hold contests or challenges with a theme and engage your audience in new ways.

Vlogmas is one instance of seasonal material that has consistently proven popular on YouTube. Every day in December, YouTubers will post a new video for Vlogmas, building anticipation among viewers for what will come next.

Look for possibilities to create seasonal content on:

  • Trends on Google.
  • YouTube Discover page.
  • Competitor websites

You might also simply consult your personal calendar and try to think of a fun concept to keep your audience interested.

5. Use Virtual Reality

Given the recent investments made by several businesses, virtual reality is here to stay.

But did you know that you can upload virtual reality videos to YouTube as well?

They allowed visitors to see it on just about any device, including a phone, a VR headset, and even cardboard. This implies that a larger audience can be drawn in with this distinct video format.

Because VR is so distinctive, it elevates your content to a new level and aids in the promotion of your videos.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with people who share your interests and start working together because virtual reality on YouTube has a growing community.

You can upload virtual reality videos to YouTube in two formats:

  • With VR180, you can video with a 180-degree angle, which gives viewers a more immersive experience than with traditional videos.
  • If you want to depict activity that is taking place all around you, 360 degree enables you to shoot every aspect at once.
  • You may check out Virtual Reality on YouTube to get an idea of what it might look like if you wanted to make virtual reality videos to draw in new viewers.

6. Promote Your Videos On YouTube

You’ve mastered cross-promotion, but you can also promote your videos on YouTube.

You can try a few methods to increase views on YouTube in addition to making playlists and video series, as we said above, by promoting your own channel and videos.

On your own channel, you can promote other videos by:

  • Adding in the description links to associated videos.
  • Encouraging your audience to visit your channel to view any relevant videos.
  • Asking viewers to check out additional content and subscribe on the conclusion screen of your videos.
  • Embedding cards with links to further videos throughout the video.

By employing this technique, you’ll be able to point viewers to some of your other videos, and if those videos have relevant content, they’ll probably want to watch them.

7. Add A Call to Action

To help in the promotion of your videos on YouTube, you should always include a call to action to your videos.

This is due to the fact that encouraging audience participation in your content is yet another powerful strategy for promoting YouTube videos.

Sometimes all it takes to get folks to like and comment is a simple reminder. You can accomplish that by:

  • Throughout the video, questions are posed, and a request is made for viewers to respond in the comments.
  • Urging viewers to “like” the video if they find the content to their liking throughout.
  • Requesting that they spread the word about your video.
  • Begin by inviting them to subscribe so they may stay updated.
  • Encouraging viewers to engage with the video by making a request in the description.

At the conclusion of the video, you might also say that you have further, related videos on your channel that they might find interesting.

8. Possess A Strong Profile

Another efficient strategy to promote your YouTube videos is to make sure your profile is appealing.

This is due to the fact that people will notice how professional your profile appears whether they want to contact you for a brand deal or if they want to subscribe to your channel.

In order to have a profile that is compelling, you should:

  • Make sure all of your personal information is included.
  • Include information about when you post videos in an appealing header.
  • Use consistent branding that uses the same icon and colour scheme.
  • With the keywords you wish to target, write a strong channel description.

A strong profile demonstrates your dedication to posting content on your YouTube channel and gives it a more polished appearance.

You can use your personal profile in this manner to promote your YouTube channel.

9. Make A YouTube Channel Trailer

Do you ever open a YouTube channel and find yourself watching the entire thing when the channel trailer begins to play?

That channel trailer is effective.

Viewers can learn more about a YouTube channel before subscribing by watching its trailer.

Think of your channel trailer as a movie trailer: by showcasing a few clips, you aim to entice viewers to watch the entire thing.

Create your channel trailer by following these guidelines:

  • Transmit your message in just a few seconds by keeping it succinct and to the point.
  • At the outset of the trailer, grab the audience’s attention.
  • Give them a taste of some of your videos and explain the benefits of watching them.
  • Give the video a subscribe button.
  • However, if you’re pressed for time, you could also repurpose one of your channel’s videos as a trailer.

10. Run Advertisements

Running commercials is another effective approach to  your YouTube videos if you have the extra cash.

Running advertisements will undoubtedly increase the visibility of your work, but it will cost you some money.

Fortunately, YouTube makes using their platform for advertising simple. They provide numerous chances for advertising, including:

  • In-stream ads
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Display ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

.Even better, you may use your own videos on your page and turn them into YouTube advertisements.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to make a video specifically for the advertisement with a call to action at the end, aimed at a more defined audience, and with a specific objective in mind.

In order to create a YouTube ad, you must:

  • Publish the YouTube video that will serve as your advertisement.
  • Create an advertising campaign.
  • Set up your campaign by selecting your budget and strategy.
  • Choose the group of people you wish to target.
  • Choose the ad format.
  • Complete setting up your ad.

Then you can start keeping track of your advertising to discover which ones are most effective at driving traffic to your YouTube videos.


Finally, here are 10 new suggestions for promoting YouTube videos which will substantially promote your YouTube channel.

Which ones are you planning to try out the most?

If you’re trying to monetize your videos, try these amazing tips.

Additionally, you can utilise these YouTube promotion ideas to increase traffic to your YouTube channel.

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