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Pros and Cons of UK Dropshipping: Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you ever been interested in starting your own online business?

If the answer is yes, then you might have heard about the UK dropshipping business. Nowadays dropshipping is extremely popular business model that allows you to sell products without buying or holding products in advance. Your supplier takes the responsibility of holding and managing products for you. Moreover, you do not have to worry about packaging and shipping products to customers. These are handled by your suppliers too.

So, running a dropshipping business is too easy. Right?

Well, this is a partially true statement. Many people think that “no inventory means no problem” but this not as easy as it seems. Because beside positives sides, dropshipping also comes up with its own set of problems. You should know both of the pros and cons before starting your dropshipping business. It will help you to solve the problems easily.

If you want to strat your dropshipping business, we highly recommend you GetshopToday. Getshop Today is a UK based eCommerce platform which will support you with a full dropshipping solution. This service includes local (UK based) dropshipping product sourcing options, eCommerce website design, logo design, as well as basic marketing solution using eBay dropshipping.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of dropshipping

  • Low startup cost: In dropshipping, the startup cost is comparatively lower than other forms of business. Even in some online businesses too.

For starting and running traditional and other online businesses we often require a heavy financial investment to develop, manufacture and buy a large volume of products. Moreover, we also need additional costs to maintain those products. But in drop shipping, the startup cost is comparatively low than other forms of online business. Because we only have to pay for building our online store in dropshipping suppliers UK. We do not need any further cost to purchase or maintain any item like other online business.

  • Less risk: Almost all types of online business face a significant risk of loss if products remain unsold. Then the retailers have to find a way to sell those items to get money back.  But in dropshipping, there are no such risks of loss. In the dropshipping process, we can simply remove the image of an unsold product from our website and then add other products.
  • No upfront cost: The most significant benefit of the dropship product business model is you can add as many products as you want to an eCommerce site. And the most fascinating part is that you do not have to pay any upfront for these products. The good news is the Get shop Today platform has added another level of advantage to this process. From this eCommerce platform, you will find many reliable UK dropshipping suppliers who have tons of products. You can list these products to your own eCommerce website with just one click process.
  • No inventory management cost: This business model is very cost-effective. Like other online business models, you do not have to buy or hold any products physically beforehand for dropshipping. That is why you do not need any additional cost or time for storing products, managing or processing them. All these things will be handled by the dropshipping suppliers with whom you are connected. By using this smart method of streamlining your online business, thus you can save valuable time and minimize your cost. If you are finding reliable UK suppliers.
  • No hassle of shipping and packaging: With dropshipping, you do not have to worry about shipping and packaging products. Whenever a customer places an order to your site, your supplier will take good care of extracting the required thing, packaging it up for shipment, and then sending it to the end customer. But you need to choose suppliers carefully who ensures fast delivery of products. Otherwise, you may fail to satisfy your customer or lose customers sometimes. To solve this problem, you can contact UK dropshipping suppliers who deliver products within 3-5 days.
  • Good profit: With this business model, you have the chance to make a really “Well, after sourcing products from your supplier at a certain price, you can increase this price and sell to the customer. This extra added price will be your profit.

The cons of UK dropshipping: 

  • High competition:

Drop shipping requires less effort and low cost which makes it more attractive. As a result, people are gaining more interest and starting drop shipping which ultimately creates heavy competition. Therefore, sometimes it become tougher to survive in the competition. Many stores try to remain in the competition by lowering the price of the products. This may lead them to heavy loss.

  • Lack of control:

In drop shopping you do not have the control over the inventory as the suppliers handle and deliver them directly to the customer. So, there is no chance of ensuring product quality. Without quality control, you are putting your store’s reputation in risk. Low quality products can make the customer unhappy. It may lead to lost sales. Moreover, while packaging you cannot add any thank you notes or coupons to make your store unique. For all these reasons, sometimes you may have to face a heavy loss.

  • Bulk discount:

As the wholesalers or other retailers have to buy things in bulk, they get a significant amount of discount. For this reason, they can sell the products at a lower price. But with drop shopping as we are purchasing one product at a time, there is no chance of bulk discount. We have to pay whatever the suppliers ask for the products.

  • Disjointed orders:

In drop shipping the variety of products listed in your shop may come from different suppliers. For this reason, customers may receive multiple packages for the same order which may lead to high shipping costs, confused branding. All these things sometimes make the customer unhappy and annoyed. 

How to make dropshipping work for you:

Although drop shipping have some downside, you can solve these problems by following some strategies. First of all, you need to give more attention on our customers. Because if they remain happy and satisfied, they will buy more products from our store. Ultimately it will lead you to make more profit and become more successful in drop shipping. Therefore, you have to pay more focus on customer’s need, their complains and take necessary steps accordingly.

You should have the ability to pick the right suppliers and products with high quality.

You should be connected with many suppliers so that we never run out of products. You also need to focus on shipping time. If shipping of the products takes more time than usual, then customer will be annoyed. E packet shipping can be a great solution to this problem because it helps to ship and track customer’s order easily.

Finally, it can be said that drop shipping has both positive and down sides. If we consider its positive sides, then drop shipping is the best idea for making a profit within the shortest period of time with less capital. On the other hand, if we follow some strategies then we can easily overcome the problems.

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