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Resolve Low Back Pain with Physical Therapy | Physical Therapy Dallas

Low back pain affects almost 90% of Americans at one point in their life. Moreover, several studies have also shown that almost 23% of the world’s adults suffer from chronic low back pain. This makes it the second leading cause of visits to a doctor.

However, lower back pain can now be treated through physical therapy Dallas.

It is important to know that low back pain can be a very serious problem if not taken seriously. And it is highly recommended to consult a physical therapist or another professional healthcare provider in case your low back symptoms are not subsiding and are intruding on your function and mobility.

This article will tell you all you need to know about physical therapy treating low back pain:

Physical Therapy to Revolve Lower Back Pain

It is crucial to know that not all back pain is the same. The pain in your lower back can get a lot worse if you practice stretching and strengthen your core at home. Moreover, the pain might not go away or reduce. This is because what a lot of people don’t know is that chronic or severe lower back pain is a very complex issue.

It is, therefore, advised to visit a physical therapist so that they can exactly pinpoint the root cause and problem, and also develop an individualized treatment program that will include proper stretching and exercise. 

Such exercises will help target specific muscles that will greatly reduce pain, and even finish it for good. Physical therapists will, moreover, constantly work with you in order to ensure that you’re performing each lower back exercise and stretch in the correct way.

The goals of physical therapy are to decrease low back pain, increase function and mobility, and also to teach the patient a maintenance program in order to prevent this from happening again. The most common forms of physical therapy include:

Passive Physical Therapy (Modalities):

This includes the use of heat application, ice packs, and electrical stimulation in order to help alleviate pain and increase mobility and function. For instance, a heating pad may be used in the area where it is hurting to basically warm up the muscles before doing specific exercises and stretching. An ice pack is used in the same way to soothe the muscles and soft tissues.

Passive PT (Modalities)

This includes various exercises and stretching, and mainly includes strengthening and flexibility workouts. These types of exercise are the main focus of most physical therapy programs, as they greatly help to alleviate pain fast and even prevent future low back pain from occurring again.

If the pain isn’t really going away with stretching and exercise. The physical therapist will make use of manipulation, mobilization, and other common treatment methods to help alleviate and reduce your lower back pain symptoms and resolve the underlying cause of pain.

However, it is always recommended by experts not to prolong the pain, in case it gets worse and more chronic. Make a visit to a physical therapist as soon as possible. If your lower back pain lasts for more than a few days. This way, you’ll get back on your feet in no time.

What to Expect from Physical Therapy?

A visit to a physical therapist is crucial if your lower back pain interrupts your daily activities and does not seem to be alleviating even after rest. Physical therapists will help you to significantly improve. Restore mobility and even alleviate low back pain, even without the need for surgery. 

This has great benefits as surgery alone can have numerous side effects, which is the same for medication. When you go to a physical therapist, he or she will first perform an initial evaluation, which will consist of several different parts. 

You might have to move around a bit so the therapist can carefully assess and make an evaluation. Therefore, it will be wise to wear comfortable clothing that will help you to move around easily and make your low back more accessible.

As mentioned above, the evaluation will consist of different parts- the history of your present problem being the first. The physical therapist will ask for your symptoms and their severity, and also what activities or positions make your symptoms feel better or worse. Moreover, the physical therapist will also have to take several measurements of the way you are moving. Such as the range of motion and strength.

Another assessment will be taken, which is called postural assessment. This will be part of the initial assessment, through which a specific and individualized treatment plan will be designed and introduced to you. 

Therapy Plan

Each therapy plan will be tailored to each individual’s specific symptoms, condition, and severity. After the examination is complete, the physical therapist will then evaluate the results. Identify the factors that have led to your low back problem, and then design an individualized. And tailored treatment plan for your low back problem. Some of the treatment options include:

  •   Manual therapy: This includes spinal manipulation which will help improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues.
  •   Strengthening and flexibility exercises
  •   Training for proper lifting, bending, stretching, and sitting
  •   Assistance in creating an effective and safe physical activity program in order to improve your overall health and physical fitness
  •   Usage of ice or heat treatments in order to alleviate pain
  •   Electrical stimulation to reduce pain
  •   Educating you about how you can take better care of your back so you don’t have to suffer from the same problem again

Therefore, the treatment plan will include all the important exercises, stretches. And much more that will help alleviate or even eliminate your low back pain. So that you can carry out your daily activities pain-free as soon as possible. 

However, it is highly imperative to be an active participant in the treatment plan devised especially for you, and never hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure of what to do.


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