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Responsive Website Development…The Future is Now!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the five-hundredth science and five-hundredths art. The science consists of researching the phrases being employed to seek out the product or services website that you simply supply. The art is that the “weaving” those phrases into the meta tags and page text within the correct places (keyword proximity) and frequency (keyword density) whereas keeping it all legible to the visiting human.

SEO is done this fashion has been implausibly fortunate and stood the check of your time for North American country and for our web site shoppers since we have a tendency to 1st began in 1999. we’ve ne’er distressed, as several alternative developers do, concerning the horrendous Google algorithmic rule changes that occur from time to time. That’s as a result of these algorithmic rule changes usually counter tricks that developers have wont to decide to fool the search engines. We’ve ne’er done that.

Google’s latest digital marketing updates, returning online April twenty-first, can build maybe the foremost vital algorithmic rule modification that we’ve ever seen…the Mobile-Friendly website modification. If your company’s website isn’t mobile device friendly (for tablets and smartphones) your computer program page rankings can suffer “significantly” according to Google’s announcement. Sites that don’t seem to be mobile-friendly can terribly probably dramatically visit Google’s search results once displayed on mobile devices.

How can one able to Keep their Website Current?

At we have a tendency to area unit all concerning keeping our shopper’s websites secure and up-to-date. the most recent Google algorithmic rule modification is completely different from something we’ve seen before. instead of specializing in keywords and content, Google aims to reward mobile-friendly websites once displayed on mobile devices. owing to our current efforts to stay our client’s website progressive, this transformation solely affects 2 or 3 of our oldest WordPress websites.

You may have the right content and show informed page one of Google for many keyword phrases, however, if your website can’t be properly displayed on mobile devices, that’s for sure about modification. With over half all net searches currently create on mobile devices. It’s simple to grasp the enormity of the difficulty. This algorithmic rule modification might sink your business if you depend upon computer program traffic and your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Does Google’s Mobile-Friendly algorithmic rule modification have an effect on any site?

The overwhelming majority of internet sites presently on the web don’t seem to be mobile-friendly. Is yours? however are you able to recognize for sure?
You can check your website in one among many ways:

  1. From a smartphone, merely move to your website. If you have got to squeeze, drag, enlarge and scale back your website. So as to browse the words on your smartphone…your website isn’t mobile-friendly.
  2. From a mobile device, do an inquiry for your website in Google. The listing came can tell you if the positioning is mobile-friendly.
  3.  From your desktop, check your websites by about to Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” page. And coming into your website’s address. you’ll see the subsequent if your website isn’t mobile-friendly…

    If your website tests as mobile-friendly, you’ll be able to relax. If it’s not, you would like to create a modification, however, there’s no ought to panic. First, this mobile-friendly website modification shouldn’t have a significant impact on desktop searches. Second, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly currently. Throwing one thing along quickly won’t facilitate as Google probably won’t be ready to index it in time. Your best course of action is to possess a replacement quality website developed. Once the new website is index by the search engines your rankings on mobile devices can begin to recover.

The Need for Responsive website style

There are unit 3 main ways for developing a website that’s mobile-friendly:

  1. Create a separate mobile website (two freelance websites)
  2. Using dynamic serving websites
  3. Responsive websites style

The first 2 area unit effective however need multiple URLs or one URL with duplicate content. they’re longer overwhelming to take care of once content has to be modified or uploaded. Google’s “best practice” technique is Responsive website style. that’s the tactic we have a tendency to use at
Responsive websites area units ready to notice the resolution (or width) of the device they’re being requested to show on and reformat themselves mechanically for that device in addition because of the device’s current orientation — portrait or landscape. And, once the mobile devices area unit revolved these websites reformat “on the fly”. All of our websites is develop with this capability for the past 3 or four years.
Last month Forbes online revealed a brief however informative article concerning this subject. we have a tendency to advocate that you simply read “Now is that the Time For Responsive Design” on the Forbes website.

If the website isn’t Mobile-Friendly — What To Do?

WordPress websites with effective organic SEO. we have a tendency to currently manage forty such sites for our shoppers. If your website doesn’t check mobile-friendly, we have a tendency to area units on the market to assist you.
If you have got queries or issues please contact us now. we’ve price-effective responsive mobile solutions which will bring your net presence into the twenty-first century and build this most important Google algorithmic rule modification work for you rather than against you!


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