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Risks of Laser Hair Removal

No medical treatment is risk-free and laser hair removal is no exception to this rule. Laser hair removal treatment is generally a safe procedure when performed by a trained and experienced professional.

Either way, there are risks associated with laser hair removal treatment and side effects can occur. It is convenient to know that these details are updated before undergoing this treatment, for this we will see each of the risks and how to reduce their likelihood, permanent and temporary side effects as well as the disadvantages of laser hair removal. Compared to others. techniques.

What are the permanent side effects of laser hair removal?

Permanent risks are rare, especially if the person performing the treatment is a trained professional. With laser hair removal Manhasset, there is a risk of long-term or permanent damage to the epidermis. If you are one of those people who is unwilling to accept these risks as an option, even if it is remote, you must ask yourself if this is the most suitable hair removal technique for you. We will list the possible permanent side effects of laser hair removal:

Burn scars: Scars are one of the worst side effects because scars can be ugly. The main cause of scarring is the laser itself. Infection after treatment can also cause scar tissue to form. Pulsed laser hair removal systems can minimize the risk of scarring after treatment.

Hypopigmentation / Hyperpigmentation: These are changes in skin color, hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin, and hypopigmentation is lightening. This is due to an increase or decrease in the production and deposition of pigment in the skin. With hyperpigmentation, the effects are usually temporary and can be treated with bleach.

Laser eye damage: Eye damage that can be caused by lasers is rare. Eye safety is important when performing any type of laser treatment. The use of glasses adapted to the wavelength of the laser prevents eye damage due to direct or indirect contact with the laser.

Wound infections: Wound infections only occur when the epidermis of the skin is damaged. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can cause infections. Antibiotic and antiviral creams should be used after treatment to minimize the risk of infection. The consequences of these infections can be critical and affect the overall health of the body.

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What are the temporary side effects of laser hair removal?

It is normal for some minor and temporary side effects to occur after treatment. These may include:

Swelling around the treated follicles for about three days.

Mild pain, tingling, or numbness

Itching in the treated area

Redness: This occurs in the treated area about three days after treatment, is very common, and is experienced by most people who undergo laser treatment with hair removal. Laser exposure can create a sore in the dermis of the skin, causing the upper layers to redden. This side effect can be reduced by cooling the area after treatment.

Bruising: especially in the treated areas due to slight numbness.

Bleeding: Bleeding from the skin manifests as a red / purple rash. They can be caused by damage to the wall of a blood vessel. It is usually only temporary and lasts between 3 and 5 days. If this happens to you, talk to your doctor or nurse.

Crusting: can occur after treatment with certain types of lasers. Postoperative care is important and recommended in cases where a long pulse ruby ​​or alexandrite laser has been used.

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