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Rule the social media industry with a content subscription service app like OnlyFans

In the fast-paced world, celebrities utilizing the virtual medium for establishing a connection with their followers to sustain competitive space becomes necessary. OnlyFans is one such virtual platform that allows celebrities and other content creators to post content and earn consistent revenue upon reaching out to their followers. Amid the pandemic, the demand for content subscription service apps like OnlyFans is at a peak. If you are curious about developing a subscription-based social media app, it is a good choice to invest in the OnlyFans clone app.

Stats and facts of the Personalized Interactive Platform like onlyfans

OnlyFans was launched in 2016 and it has revolutionized the industry that paves the way for content creators to connect with their followers. Even though this platform focuses on adult content, it has expanded to various genres such as fitness, music, gaming, fashion, and much more.

In July 2019, it had 8 million registered users and raised to 85 million registered users in January 2021. Especially, during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has witnessed a month-over-month growth rate of 70%. According to Bloomberg, it generated a revenue of $2 billion in sales in 2020. After March 2020, there is an uplift in revenue generation.

Unique features of the fascinating OnlyFans clone app

  •  Live-streaming

The Live Streaming feature will allow the celebrities to start live streaming. The users can join the live and interact with the celebrities.

  •  Location-based shoutouts

 This feature will let the celebrities give shout-outs to their followers based on the geographical location.

  •  Shout out previews

The preview feature will give an overview of the shoutouts of various celebrities. Including the video previews help the users to decide whether they have to subscribe or not.

  •  Badge verification

 You can verify the profiles of celebrities and give badges to them. This indicates that the verified profiles are authenticated. This eliminates the false identity problem in the app.

  •  Manage celebrity profiles

In the admin panel, you can list the celebrity profiles on the app. Also, you can manage celebrity profiles regularly.

  •  Analytics

The Analytics feature in the admin panel will allow you to know the app’s performance in real-time. With the takeaway insights, you can improvise the app’s functionality to reach more users. As a result, revenue generation will increase tremendously.

  • Video messaging

Using the Video messaging feature, celebrities can communicate with their followers through a video. It is up to celebrities’ choice on the duration of the video. It can be either a short video or an extended video.

What are the different facets that decide the cost of an app like OnlyFans?

 The OnlyFans clone app development cost is variable and numerous factors affect it. Some of the predominant factors that decide the cost of developing an app like OnlyFans are mentioned below.

  •  App platform

Launching the app on various platforms elevates the cost. Consider developing a content subscription app for either Android or iOS when you plan for a limited budget. Moreover, launching the app on iOS is relatively less than on Android.

  • App features

The features and functionality of the social media app is the major factor. The number of features is directly proportional to the app development cost.

  •  Time frame

Developing a subscription-based social media app from scratch requires more time and needs a huge investment. On the flip side, developing an app using the OnlyFans clone script does not take much time and is less expensive.

  •  Geographical location of the app developer team

The app development cost is comparatively less in Eastern Europe compared to the United States and Western Europe. The skills and experience of the app developers are also one of the factors that greatly influence the app development cost.

How does the OnlyFans clone app work?

The functionality of the OnlyFans clone app looks simple. Let’s see the overview of its working model.

Creators have to register with the OnlyFans clone app and have to choose a personal subscription fee. The followers have to pay the specified subscription fee for subscribing to the creators’ profile. That is, creators can allow the followers to pay for content via a monthly subscription. From that, a certain percentage will be transferred to the app owner as a commission. 

On the other hand, users/followers can sign up with the app using the necessary details. They can subscribe to the creators’ profiles as they wish. Creators can communicate with their followers via in-app messaging and the followers have to pay for it.

What are the business models worth considering?

Choosing the right business model plays a major role in the OnlyFans clone app development process. It sets the foundation of how the app works. A few of the popular business models are as follows.

  • Content sharing business model

Influencers or celebrities who want to connect with their followers directly can use the content-sharing platform. In this model, followers can request sessions with celebrities. The freemium revenue model is an emerging trend. An app like CelebVM and Cameo follows this business model.

  • Gaming-based business model

It is a standard way to provide a gaming experience to the users. This helps to enhance the brand value. You can generate revenue using the subscription programs and in-app purchases mostly. Also, you can consider integrating other popular revenue models.

  • Premium content social business model

This business is similar to Facebook or Twitter, where celebrities have to register with the app. They can allow only the subscribers to view their posted content. Moreover, subscribers have to pay a certain percentage. OnlyFans is an example of this business model.

It is up to your choice to choose which business model to pick. You can even combine the content sharing and premium subscription business models to set the tone for a successful app.


Hopefully, this blog is informative to you. As a business professional or entrepreneur, it is necessary to consider the recent trends and seek a way to build your business with the ever-changing trend. Yes, the OnlyFans clone app development is a good choice as it has so many enticing benefits. Never miss out on this opportunity, as the demand for content subscription apps is at a peak. Reach out to an accomplished mobile app development company and launch your OnlyFans Clone app.


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