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SEO: 5 Grey Hat SEO Techniques That You Might Be Interested In

We all know that there’s black hat seo and there’s also white hat seo. One can take you to new heights very quickly but will cause a permanent ban when getting caught. While the other might be slow but the improvement might that it shows is quite profound.

Also, you are able to earn from home online and generate a steady income funnel through the skills.

But the fun fact is there’s another type of seo known as grey hat seo. It’s a mixture of both worlds. And since it has some features of the black hat seo it’s pretty risky. But not as serious as black hat where you would get a permanent ban.

It’s might not be as serious but it’s still risky. So, be very cautious. When working with grey hat seo it’s like working with fire, if you don’t take precautions believe me you will get burned.

Now let’s talk about some of such grey hat seo techniques that might be risky but used carefully can help to rank up your site on the search engine very quickly.

# Increase word count

Writing long and detailed content can be a big pain. But believe me, if utilized correctly then they can not only help you generate more high values backlinks but also allow you to guest post on sites that have high authority but don’t allow promotionally posting.

Many people are oblivious to the fact that like long-term keywords high word count content also brings in more traffic from the search engines.

# Utilizing keywords density

We all know that using keywords over a certain limit can affect your website’s ranking as well as annoy visitors. But it’s the truth more keywords you use the more you are indexed for it. But how should you do that without getting caught?

Well, the best thing you can do is use the keywords to their limits tactfully while keeping count. This way not only would you not violet any rules that mark your content as keyword stuffing but also be able to use as many as possible.

# Buying retired domains

You are wondering how would you benefit from buying such a domain? Well, it’s quite easy actually you can use it to promote your site. Since it’s already pretty old and is registered to search engines for a long time so it should have its own foundation which can help us greatly.

But here’s the catch before buying you look it up thoroughly to see that it doesn’t have a bad reputation or is relevant to your niche or has been previously blacklisted by search engines and so on.

# Web 2 link building

Web 2 links are mainly links where you have the ability to modify your content whenever you need to. Unlike links that you gain submitting once and are unable to edit their web 2 gives you such access. You can modify the content to your desire. Like Wikipedia where you can create a page and edit it as you want or update it. It’s also highly valued so getting a backlink from such a site can really help you out in the long run.

# Private Blogging

Well, it’s similar to web 2 but provides a lot more freedom. Not only can you freely write as you want you are also able to provide others to write for you as well. It’s also a great way to get traffic to your site as well as gives you scope to request links that redirect to your article from other high authority websites.

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