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SEO is Easy, or Hard | Depends On Your Method

Constantly, I see many internet marketers claiming that SEO is easy, while many others complain that SEO is complex. Can it really be both simultaneously, or is it that some people know things that others do not?

It Depends On Your Strategy

The thing I find with most people who are starting out in doing the SEO services for their blogs is that they are targeting highly competitive one-word keywords – and that is always going to be hard!

While these people are struggling with their target keywords, such as ‘cars’, many people are funneling a heap of search engine traffic by taking their keyword that step further by targeting ‘longtail keyword’.

So while one marketer targets ‘cars’, the smart marketing targets ‘blue cars’ (less competition, and therefore making SEO easier).

The reason, SEO is easy or hard for a marketer is a way they are setting up their seo campaign.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Services

Today I want to take a quick look at the differences between search engine optimization an SEO services – because I think that sometimes people seem to think they are the same and interchangeable.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the ‘SEO’ in SEO services. It is the contributing factors that either help or hinder your ranking in the search engines. SEO is easy or hard based on the SEO services that you take advantage of.

So SEO is the work, such as on-page and off-page optimization.

SEO packages for Small Business UK

So if Search Engine Optimization is the work, then SEO services is the ‘services’ that help you accomplish the work. Search engine optimization and SEO services work hand in hand.

There are some best tool used in SEO packages for small business, that are available in low cost or free.

Here Are The SEO Calling Tools That Recommend:

Market Samurai, This is the only keyword research tool that you will need. Used by over 117,000 internet marketers to learn more about this software, make sure you read this Market Samurai review.

  • oDesk

If you are serious about SEO, then you will need to start outsourcing jobs! One of the most tedious tasks in SEO is link building, and I personally outsource link building for as little as $1/hr using oDesk.

Using these two tools, you can quickly dominate keywords in any niche – and with my simple outsourcing idea, it makes for cheap seo.

So next time you are looking at search engine optimization and SEO services, make sure you do the required on and off-page SEO – and take advantage of the best SEO services to make things easier.

All-In-One SEO Plugin

The All-In-One Seo Plugin is pretty much the grand daddy of all SEO WordPress plugins (but still one of the most popular!) This plugin is so great because it works on the titles/descriptions/keywords for your posts and allows you to customise these to improve your SEO.

> > Get All-In-One SEO

Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are an easy way to automatically update search engines on when a new post or page has been added. This sitemap generator plugin seems to be the most popular and just happens to be the one that I personally use on my blogs. If you are using Google’s Webmaster Tools, then you can use this sitemap for that as well.

> > Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are not just leaking you ‘Google juice’; they also frustrate visitors and lessen credibility. The Broken Link Checker plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken links, and let you know if any are found.

> > Broken Link Checker Plugin

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog and external links.

This is a great way to automatically build internal links to help with SEO and link to affiliate pages.

> > SEO Smart Links Plugin

Affordable SEO Services UK

I have talked about affordable SEO services UK before, but as I get ready to launch my ‘Outsource Your Link Building’ video, I am starting to realise how many people are still paying too much for their SEO services.

You see, I personally rank well for a lot of profitable keywords using just a couple of simple strategies that I manage myself – and it really isn’t that hard!

This is Productive & Affordable SEO Services:

Keyword Research

Market Samurai is my keyword research tool of choice. It finds the perfect keywords to target for each web page or a blog post and allows you to compare the top 10 pages for that keyword and track your performance. You can read a more detailed overview in this Market Samurai Review.

Content Generation

Now that you know which keywords will benefit you the most, the next thing you need to do is write the content. You can either write this yourself or find cheap articles on oDesk.

Link Building

And then outsource link building to those pages for under $2/hr using oDesk as well. If you are interested in how I do this, then make sure you grab my new product when it is released.

I will be sharing the whole process in a video about how I source, select and hire my link builders. This will be essential for anyone who does not want to spend $1,000′s on hiring a professional SEO service.

So start putting these three steps into action, and you will definitely have some very affordable SEO services!

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