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Solismed EMR: Top Features, Reviews, and more!

Solismed is a practice management solution for free clinics. Patient scheduling, records management, insurance processing, and finances are all centralized. Users are given access to an integrated platform that displays messaging, appointments, timetables, and other information. In-platform communication, billing, and appointment scheduling are all possible with a patient portal. It can generate financial, patient, and supply reports. The Morag Consulting Group and Intesync LLC created Solismed EMR as a substitute to the many costly and inconvenient platforms on the industry today.

Solismed provides multi-tasking features, such as the ability to open numerous user meeting tabs and team collaboration, which allows one patient’s records to be seen on many screens at the same time. Secure messaging is available through the patient portal, as well as a range of practice management capabilities such as an appointment calendar and Interfax, which lets users to send and receive faxes electronically. In this piece, we are going to talk about everything that there is to know about Solismed EMR including Solismed EMR pricing as well as Solismed EMR Reviews so let’s get into that.

Solismed EMR Benefits

Decrease in Costs:

The system saves a lot of money for a facility in various ways, both internally and externally. Health centers save money by not having to pay for a remedy when they use a free one. Furthermore, a more organized, centralized practice boosts operational efficiency, allowing practitioners to see more clients and cut down on dead time.


The strategy understands that various institutions have distinct demands. It allows you to adjust the majority of organizational capabilities. In addition, the supplier promises to help with the addition of functions that aren’t presently there.

Practice is more organized:

From overall financial results to individual treatment sessions, practices have a single picture of their whole business. Patient information, appointment scheduling, supplies, and insurance billing can all be controlled from a single, user-friendly interface.

Better connection with Patients:

Doctors can stay on top of things and interact with individuals more effectively. Doctors have all the material they need before meeting a patient because of detailed patient records. External messaging allows practices to communicate with patients via the solution.

Top Features of Solismed

Centralized Dashboard:

All data is presents in an intuitive dashboard that is simple to utilize. All of a practitioner’s consultations, emails, organizing chores, and finances are accessible from a single platform.

Patient Management:

Patients can be follow up through the platform, whether they come in for a walk-in or have an appointment. It keeps track of registration, supplies, which employees they contact, and other paperwork.


Inner and external communication are both possible with the platform. Coworkers can converse via the platform’s messaging functionality. InterFAX handles faxing and phone call records, and clinicians can use the system to send letters.

Reporting tools:

Both medical and financial reports can be generated using the software. Customer lists, syndromic monitoring, e-forms, sales and purchase receipts, orders, and other documents fall under this category.

Appointment Scheduling:

A calendar is use to keep track of appointments, deadlines, and commitments. It keeps the practitioner up to date on patient interactions, status, payments, alarms, and more.

Solismed EMR Drawbacks

No Mobile App:

Most top rated EHR Software offer their own mobile app but Solismed lacks in this department.

Meaningful Use Certification:

The software does not have a Meaningful Use certification which is a major drawback

Solismed EHR Pricing and Reviews

The monthly cost of Solismed starts at $50.00 per user. A free version is available. There is no free trial offer by Solismed. As for Solismed EMR Reviews, the software has an overall average rating of 4 stars out of 5 which is a pretty decent rating. The overall feedback has also been quite positive. Most users talk about how all their needs are being met by Solismed EMR and how the software is brilliantly structured. For further assistance, visit Software Finder.

Final Thoughts!

Solismed is a decent EHR Software. The Software offers a free version so if you are interested in knowing more about it, we would recommend you to check it out. We would also recommend to schedule a Solismed EHR demo out to see if the paid version would suit you more. Since Solismed EHR pricing is very affordable, it will be easy for most practices to invest in it. If you are thinking of investing in Solismed EHR, make sure to read as many Solismed EHR reviews as possible.

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