Some of the prominent deals and offers on Samsung TVs

Everybody likes to save money, and when you are buying a particular product like a Samsung 32 inch Smart TV and are greeted with heavy discounts, free gifts, cashback offers, etc., that elevates the excitement.

Nowadays there is a race between stand-alone company premium stores and e-commerce websites, each coming up with new offers to convert a buying thought into actual sales of that product. They tend to offer a variety of discounts on the products.


With the advent of the internet, the buying trend has shifted towards online shopping. The e-commerce companies offer various discounts to make the customer excited and buy that product. Discounts are ranging from little to heavy all year round.

Some of the most prominent concepts are listed below:

  • Slashing of Price  

You plan to buy a Samsung 32 inch Smart TV and the Samsung TV price is Rs 21,990 and after 22% discount the amount comes down to Rs 16,999. The customer will be more than happy to buy, as they will be saving a substantial amount of money

The discount ranges from 5% to 85% during festivals or any clearance sale.

  • No Cost EMI

Tie-ups with particular banks and financial institutions help to grant loans towards buying the products without any interest, and hidden charges on the loan amount. 

  • Zero Down Payment

Normally when you buy a product securing a loan you will have to pay 5% – 20% of the product price. But with a zero down payment option, this initial payment is eliminated. You don’t have to pay anything upfront as the bank or the financier pays the entire amount. You will be paying monthly EMIs

  • Exchange Offers

You can exchange your used product and buy a new product, The used product will be checked for any damages, wear & tear, and the buyback partner will then calculate accordingly and provide you with an Exchange offer Discount.

  • Freebies & Coupons

These are gifts that are given to the customer once a purchase is done. E.g.: When you buy a Samsung 32 inch Smart TV you can get a gift like speakers, mobile phones, etc. Earned coupons can be exchanged for a discount on an already discounted price of the product. 

Samsung TV Prominent Deals and Offers

Samsung is a leading player in the manufacturing of Smart TVs which boast excellent screen panels, and state-of-the-art speaker systems which enhance the viewing experience. From Samsung LED TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, QLED TVs, OLED TVs, 4K & 8K TVs, there is one for everybody. 

Samsung Smart TV prices can be anywhere in the range of Rs 14,000 to even Rs 3,00,000. The higher the specifications and superior technology, the higher the price.

Some offers on Samsung Smart TVs are listed below:

  • Launch Offers

With the launch of Neo QLED TV, the company has come up with some cool and customer-friendly offers. This Samsung Smart TVs price starts from Rs 99,900.

To promote the sales and bookings of this new product Samsung is providing freebies like Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite LTE, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, cashback of up to Rs. 20,000, and EMIs Option. This offer is available on the Samsung store till 19-04-2021, and later on, the same offers will continue on major e-commerce platforms, and various retail stores till 31-04-2021.

  • Free Home Delivery

The company also provides free home delivery through its retail partners. Like if you buy a Samsung 32 inch Smart TV, it will be delivered safely to your residence and installed, and the best part is that it’s FREE of Cost.


  • No Cost EMIs

Samsung has tied up with prominent banks and financing companies that provide No Cost EMIs to potential customers. This eliminates the accruing of interest on the loan availed to buy any Samsung 32 inch Smart TV or even a superior model. You have to select from the tenures provided and keep paying monthly EMIs accordingly.

  • Discounts

The discounts offered can start from 5% to even extend up to 65% and above.

If you buy Samsung TV from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can avail of facilities like No Cost EMI on zero down payment, excellent discounts, same day delivery and much more. However, these options are available for Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card holders only. 


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