Spotify – A digital music streaming, podcasts, and video service solution

Spotify is a digital & awe-inspiring music streaming service that also comprises podcast and video services. Users can avail themselves of the free version of the app or upgrade to premium. Whether the users have a free or paid version of Spotify, they get recommendations based on their music preferences and have collections of music and podcasts of their own. They can transit from one device to another using Spotify Connect.

Growth statistics of the Spotify app

Spotify was launched in 2008 and it took nearly two years to draw attention from 1 million subscribers. As of now, it has over 155 million subscribers. Let’s have an overview of the growth of Spotify.

Spotify revenue – Spotify registered $1.94 billion in annual revenue in 2015. It was raised to $7.88 billion in 2020. This shows us clearly that the revenue of it has grown tremendously. 

Spotify active users – Since 2015, Spotify has witnessed a growth in active users. It has gained 138 million monthly active users in the past two years. It is projected that it will have 407-427 million monthly active users by the end of 2021. This seems to be a 23.77% increase in monthly active users.

Distribution of active users – Nearly, 35% of monthly active users of Spotify live in Europe. North America and Latin America have the 24% and 22% of monthly active users, respectively. And, the remaining 19% of active users live in the rest of the world.

Spotify Subscribers – It has approximately 155 million subscribers and is expected to increase to nearly 184 million by the end of 2021.

Distribution of subscribers – 40% of Spotify subscribers is from Europe. 50% of subscribers are from North America and Latin America. 

These data indicate that Spotify has come a long way since its launch. This immense success has inspired entrepreneurs to get into this industry with the Spotify clone app.

Automate your music streaming service business with Spotify Clone

What is Spotify Clone? It is a script that facilitates you to develop your own music streaming app similar to Spotify instantly, as it is a 100% customizable app solution. Additionally, it allows you to proffer an awe-inspiring audio streaming service to music lovers. They can listen to music with the best sound quality anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the Spotify Clone script has been built with top-notch features and the latest technology that enables you to start your online music portal.

Feature-rich Spotify Clone to kickstart your music streaming app

The Spotify clone comprises all the necessary features for the music streaming service. Let’s have a look at the fundamental and advanced features of the clone script.

Fundamental features:

Create profiles – Users can create their own profile and be viewed by other users of the Spotify clone app.

Social media integration – Users can register or sign up with the app using social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. By doing this, they do not have to enter their personal details manually and it saves time.

Browse songs – Using this feature, users can browse for any songs they are looking for. They can get a quick song search result.

Personalized suggestions – The app has incorporated a highly adaptive algorithm and so the users can view the personalized song suggestions based on the songs they like.

Trending tracks – The app displays the trending songs on the homepage to the users.

Statistics – Using this feature, the users can know about their music preference. With this statistical data, they can know how much time they have spent on listening to the song they love, most played songs, and so on.

Advanced features:

Push notifications – The app notifies users regarding the music with real-time push notifications. This helps to improve the user interaction with the app, so they spend time listening to music via the app.

Radio stations – Similar to Pandora, the Spotify clone app can also have the Radio Station feature. The clone script is capable of creating curated radio stations for specific artists, genres, and so on.

Podcasts – The Spotify clone app supports a wide range of podcasts that keeps the users entertained. In addition to unlimited music, users can enjoy listening to podcasts.

Behaviour tracking – As the app is integrated with Artificial Intelligence, it tracks the behaviour of the users and displays the songs in the recommended section. This enhances the users’ experience.

Membership plans – The music streaming app is for all age groups as there is no bias. They can avail themselves of membership plans that include Free membership, Student membership, and Premium membership.

Quick overview on the benefits of the Spotify clone script

User friendly interface

The interface in the clone is easy to use and simple to navigate for various options. Therefore, the users can enjoy using the app with ease. Moreover, the design you choose helps to gain more users and you can stand apart from the competition with your brand.

Quick launch

The clone script is a ready-made music streaming app solution. It does not require much time for app development and can be deployed in the wink of an eye. You can even plan for a global launch.

White label solution

This is a customizable and scalable app solution and so it can be modified based on your requirements. You can make your app unique from the other competitors with the feature-set integration. That is, you can include new features based on the latest market trends and target audience preference. While doing so, you should not opt-out of any of the necessary features.  

Final note

With digitization, the music streaming industry will continue to flourish. Capitalize on this opportunity and kickstart your own music online platform right away with the Spotify Clone app solution.  

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