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Take out the Nerdiness for the Gamer! Check out these hot Cyberpunk Jacket looks!

Perfection is a very overrated word. It makes you question your self-worth all the time. Just when you are about to decide that you are a good person and have your life together, someone comes along and uses the P-word. Men have a lot on their plates already. With having the best paying job and the best of every other faction of life, it is insanely tumultuous that we have to look good as well. There are times in my day when buy a jacket I rely on my normal skills so much that I often end up looking a little bland. Happily, I have friends who always reach out to me and let me know what I look like. Such trusty lads are the very crux of a friendship. A nice friend might not tell you that you smell, but a true one will give you the honest truth no matter what. This time around, I am gonna be that friend for you.

Though I know many men in the corporate sector and gaming sectors, the corporate always, by default, looks more dressed up. And that is a given due to the nature of their job. But as I am an avid gamer myself, I feel for all the bros out there who stay cooped up in their gaming dungeon with a smile on their faces. I am one of them. I love gaming till the late hours of the day and night, but when I have to go out and make an impression, I try to stay away from formal attires because they just don’t float my boat. What I like doing instead is getting out my trusty Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket.


Ever since I got my hands on this jacket, I have been receiving compliments left and right. The jacket makes my shoulder look manly. Just because I love handling a controller and wearing my gaming headset, it does not mean I don’t do my push-ups. Many times when I go out and meet new people, they automatically assume that I would look like a nerd because I am into gaming. And that is the best part because when they look at me arriving in this jacket, their eyes are drinking in my appearance. That’s when I knew I made the right decision in investing in this jacket. The jacket itself is a leather one, but the inside is super comfortable. I have worn this jacket for everything, from gaming to biking to dates. Even though it is a cyberpunk-inspired jacket, I have come up with the ideal dressing guide for all game. Pair this jacket with the right pant and the right shoe, and you have a whole new look. So if you are a lad who got himself something this stunning, here are my pro tried and tested tips on how you can style this jacket to increase your vigor!


Ladies don’t know this, but part of the reason they find us attractive is that we have a variety of shoes to choose from. It’s not only ladies who love wearing good shoes. In fact, our shoes are mainly the only department where we get to add some color to our attire. Take a pick from these options to style with the cyberpunk jacket.

Nike Air Jordan New Beginnings: Best high-top sneakers red

Nikes have been a holy grail for many men for decades. The shoes of this brand are always of quality. This means that any air you choose to invest in will last you for years to come. The Nike Air Jordans New Beginnings is a very attractive pair of shoes. The sneakers are a high-top fashion. And as if that was not enough, the combination of red and black made me look more mysterious. The dark aesthetics of this shoe goes smashingly with the jacket.

Gucci Screener: Best vintage sneakers blue and red stripes

When I feel like I want to show people exactly how much money I can make by playing games, I bust out my Gucci Screener Vintage sneakers. These are more colorful, so you might not be a fan of these in daily life. But I have a hack. This sneaker looks vivid when paired with a full black ensemble.

Tom Ford Midnight Blue Warwick Suede:

Tom ford has been my go-to whenever I want to choose what to wear for my day out with friends. The Midnight Blue in Warwick suede has a luxurious feeling to them. You don’t always come across a suede shoe which is blue in color. This shoe had all of my boys asking me where I got them from. And when I paired these shoes with my cyberpunk jacket was the only outfit I was wearing for the last three days.

Balmain B-Court: Best black and white sneakers

Now I don’t criticize people on their fashion choices. I am nice that way. But if you have this jacket and don’t have the black and white sneakers from Balmain, then you need a good whooping! The shoes are super comfortable, and the design is one that I have not seen before. If you have a certain lady in your life, you should remember, then make an impression with these sneakers.

Nike Air Force 1 GTX green khakis color

If you are a picky fashion person like me, then chances are you already have all of these colors. I have a large variety of blacks, whites and blues in my closet, so it was high time game I got the Nike Air Force GTX. These shoes have this insanely deep khaki green color. This is the type of shoe that you can wear to formal places too and not look out of place.
Having any one of the shoes I mentioned will make your appearance look a very well-suited one. Now for the pants department, here are the things you need to look into.


No one said you have to wear pants to work only. You can wear these comfortable ones and be ready for jamming and gaming all day!


You are not a man if you do not have these. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. A khaki is the only refreshing change men get from the same old boring denim. A good pair of khaki pants can last you very long. And if you have to attend any formal occasion, you can dress it up to. But with respect to the jacket, a khaki will make you look like the gangster gamer who rarely steps out of his den.

Cargo pant

Sometimes men just want more space in their pants. They want the pant to be a straight-fit one instead of a skinny one. And the best thing about cargo pants is that these pants have a lot of pockets in them too. The pockets are huge and prominent and look very sturdy. Infact, they are very sturdy. I should know. I mean, I own seven cargo pants alone! They are the gamer’s assistants. The pockets can carry all you want, and you don’t have to be distracted from yur game!


When you want to look a little well dressed but don’t want to look like you are going to a prom, then the dickies are the way to go. These pants have a remarkable feature. They make all men look like they mean business. I have walked into many clubs by cutting the line, and no one said a thing to me. I think it’s because of the dickies that I wore. A dickie is the perfect pants that will make you look mature. That’s one of the top reasons why men like having these pants. In this way, you want to look like a child, and even if you do, the pants will make you look older.


If you have made it this far, you must have figured that I love noticing fashion. Fashion is a part of my daily life. The chino is the only pant that will make you feel the warmest. The pants are made with a fabric that is military-grade one. This fabric is good for making you look clean and superbly comfortable. These come in alot of different colors. Some of the chinos are made with 100% cotton. But the thing that makes these pants a personal favorite is the fitting that it comes in. It makes your legs look great. And if you have been hitting the leg ay at the gym perfectly then, chinos are just the thing you want to wear. Almost any color can work with this jacket. You can have these pants in maroons, greens, blues, and many more.


With this comprehensive list that I have given, you will never have to lose sleep over what to wear the next day. There is a way of adding fashion to your core. And that way can only be received when you read, read and read! The jacket is my favorite, and I have been wearing it like a second skin. But only with these pants and shoes. Enjoy the combination!

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