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Technical Bearings and Absolute Precision

Bearings are characterized by precision tolerances, proprietary internal geometries, and high-quality materials. Both conical and spherical, cylindrical, thrust, plain, ball, miniature, precision, and support bearings provide superior, smooth, and reliable performance. Next, we will go into detail about ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.

Ball bearings

From electric motors to agricultural equipment to food processing equipment. Ball bearings can be used in a wide variety of applications and conditions. They can be divided into the following types:

  • Miniature. Available in both metric and imperial systems. They meet virtually any precision requirement including radial seal, pivot point, axial capacity, high-speed radius, angular contact, and a full complement of the balls.
  • Deep grooveThey are corrosion-resistant and ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications. They consist of stainless steel rings, rolling elements, and cages. You can improve uptime in various challenging environments.
  • Angular contact. They are design to withstand combined axial and radial loads. Single-row bearings have a higher axial capacity in one direction. Some bearings of this type are specially design for parallel mounting to enable high-strength assemblies. Conrad double row bearings can accommodate axial loads in both directions.

Cylindrical roller bearings

They minimize air resistance. They lower the temperature. And they work better longer with less maintenance and downtime. These are the real tests for any camp. Single, double, and multi-row cylindrical roller bearing extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Single row. They have a unique cage design, a patented internal geometry, and special surface textures. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Double row. They offer greater radial capacity and are interchangeable. Dimensions and diameter under rollers (type NNU) and above rollers (type NN) are in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Multiple lines. They withstand the harsh conditions of daily use in applications where moderate and high speeds, high radial loads, high temperatures, and extreme pollution are constant challenges.

Reasons for Choosing Bearings

The combination of technologyengineering, and construction skills has enabled us to offer a wide range of bearings and advanced solutions. In addition, they highlighted the development of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and recyclable products. Next, we will go into detail about some types of bearing within their wide range of products.

Pendulum Roller Bearing

Spherical roller bearings are suitable for low and medium speed applications where heavy or shock loads are encounter. They come with either cylindrical or conical holes. Also, they can be supplied with adapter sets and suction sleeves.

They are available as double-row bearing and consist of a combination of radial and axial bearing. You use a ball or crown roller as a rolling element.

They are unmatch in their high load capacity and shock load tolerance but have limited speed capabilities. They work consistently even under extreme conditions.

The bearings are made of alloy steel or low carbon steel but are also available in chrome plated.

Axial Ball Bearing

thrust ball bearing divided into single and double direction bearing. The former can take axial loads in one direction, while the latter can take them in both directions. Neither is suitable for radial load or high-speed rotation applications.

These bearings are design for high axial loads. They can also carry a radial load if the size is no greater than 55% of the axial load carried.

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