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Ten Time Tested Ways to Improve Your Twitter Profile


Twitter, often known as microblogging, is a social media platform that allows users to communicate in the form of 140-character messages known as “tweets.” Images, emoticons, animated gifs, and videos are all examples of shortened subform URLs that can be used in tweets.

The number of followers on your Twitter profile is crucial to achieving a particular level of notoriety. The most time-consuming way is to follow the natural formula for gaining subscribers.

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Here are a few pointers for your Twitter account:

It is critical to maintaining your Twitter profile.

For example, if your account is personal, you should use a photo of yourself; if you are a brand, you should use your logo; and if you are a thematic account, you should use an image linked to your theme.

  • Your cover photo must be original and one-of-a-kind. (The ideal image size is 1500 x 500 pixels.) Canva is a popular photo editing programme.
  • Your bio should be succinct and interesting.
  • What colour should your account be? Twitter gives you the option of changing the colour of your account. If you’re a company, it’s best to stick to your brand colours.
  • Don’t forget to pin your greatest tweet – the one that received the most attention.

Send out tweets that are relevant.

The key to Twitter success is to pay attention to the quality of your tweets. Your tweets, as well as the things you discuss, should be diverse. Don’t be afraid to mix up your tweet forms by posting links, photographs, mini-videos, quotations, and questions.

Tweet on a regular basis.

A content’s lifecycle on Twitter is quite short. Twitter, unlike Facebook or Instagram, necessitates a more proactive content approach.

Using the appropriate hashtags.

Although Instagram has a lot of hashtags, Twitter is still the place to be for hashtags.

It’s critical to choose hashtags that are relevant to your sector. There is software like RiteTag (which starts at $ 10 per month but includes a 30-day free trial) that provides hashtag databases depending on selected themes.

The Twitter Card is used.

Twitter cards are tweet formats. There are a total of eight.

  • The summary, which is accompanied by a brief preview of the web page;
  • A summary with an image that spans the entire width of the post, a photo, or a photo gallery
  • An application for boosting a smartphone app,
  • The participant (audio or video),
  • The product is used to market a product for sale,
  • The lead generator, which serves a commercial and promotional purpose.

You must first set up Twitter Cards on your account before you can use them.

Your Twitter account should be promoted.

Redirecting your Twitter account to your blog is a good approach to promote it.

  • Another option is to include a direct link to your Twitter account in your blog’s bio.
  • Another suggestion is to include social media sharing buttons in your content.
  • Your Twitter account can also be included in your email signature.
  • Persuade your connections to follow you on Twitter as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to include a link to your Twitter account on your business card.

When is the best time to tweet?

Different tools, such as Buffer or Hootsuite, can be used to schedule tweets. However, you should not rely solely on these tools because Twitter is also a place where spontaneity and quick responses are valued.

Visualize your stuff and publish it.

Tweets with visual content are more likely to be shared and retweeted than those without.

Continue to interact with others( Twitter profile).

It’s crucial to communicate with other Twitter users if you want to gain more followers. You may accomplish this with your followers by encouraging them to interact with you (with polls or questions posts, for example). More interaction can be gained by retweeting your fans and followers.

Do you know how to use FF?

Follow Friday entails using the hashtag #FF or #followfriday in a message and recommending individuals to follow.

To find the right people to follow (influencers), do the following:

Interacting with influencers in your speciality or sector is recommended because you will be able to reach their target audience. You can then tag them, retweet them, or quote their tweet in one of your blog entries from time to time (but not too often).

Finally, make an effort to engage with those who have mentioned you.

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