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The Benefits of Using Digital Jump Rope on Body Health

Rope jumping has been a popular workout that carries many health benefits. It is a suitable exercise for all age groups and can occur almost anywhere. With health awareness rising alongside the increasing demand for refined management of jump rope fitness training, digital jump rope has entered the market as an innovative and updated version of traditional jump rope. 

Advantages of Digital Jump Rope

Digital jump rope is a combination of traditional jump rope with digital technology. It usually comes with a digital display showing information on laps done, calories burned, and time taken, and a smart mobile app to provide more detailed information after the exercise. The smart jump rope with app has more extensive data storage and processing capacity and thus can provide users with process tracking, in-depth analysis, tailored advice, and schemes. 

Benefits of Persistent Digital Jump Rope Exercise 

  1. Promote Cardiovascular Function and Blood Circulation

Rope skipping has long been proven to be an excellent way to enhance cardiovascular function, blood circulation, and metabolism with especially magical effects on the heart on top of metabolism, mental performance, immunity system, and even complexion. 

  1. Enhance the Coordination and Flexibility

The rhythmic rotation of the rope and the up-and-down body movement require the comprehensive coordination of muscles around the body and coordination of the hand and eye. Plus, it also enhances bone density as weight is put on the skeleton from time to time, contributing to better bone health. Studies on the performance of soccer players have shown a direct connection between regular rope jumping and better coordination and balance. Rope jumping by exerting strength on the muscles for them to stretch and contract also naturally helps improve the body’s overall flexibility. 

  1. Help Lose Weight

The whole body is mobilized from head to toe during rope skipping, and with scientifically choreographed patterns, rope skipping can boost the heart rate and metabolic rate, which is critical for faster calorie burn. 

  1. Regulate Mood

All exercise has its psychological curing effects. But jumping rope is unique as it allows a meditative period as the body moves mechanically and rhythmically. Studies also find it to facilitate the release of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine levels, which are vital in reducing stress and inducing pleasure. 

Digital jump rope can give users more effectiveness and fun in attaining the health benefits of this sport by injecting smart technology into it. Welland’s Digital Jump Rope RS2360B is worth a tryout.

Welland’s Digital Jump Rope RS2360B

l Comfortable and Firm grip 

Welland's RS2360b jump rope

Welland’s RS2360b jump rope comes with silicone handles attached with a 360-degree steel bearing, providing a smooth spinning and accurate count on top of an ergonomic, firm grip, and stylish appearance. 

l Real-time LCD Process Tracker 

The LCD backlight on the handle allows users to track their jumps, duration, and calories burned in real-time with great ease. 

l Multiple Modes for More Fun

There are three different modes, including the timer mode, jumper countdown mode, and the free skip mode, for users to choose from for a more fun and customizable training process and better training effectiveness. 

l Bluetooth Connection with Mobile App

It is a Bluetooth Jump rope with dedicated apps to provide users with comprehensive performance reviews, in-depth post-skipping analysis, customized workout routine suggestions, and guidance on proper technique. 

Welland, An Excellent Supplier of Amazon’s Smart Products

Welland is committed to making fitness more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. It has been a professional supplier in the smart health market since 2014, focusing on smart body fat scales, smart kitchen scales, smart jump rope, smart body circumference, etc. It has solid qualifications attested by the FDA certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certificates, BSCI certificate, and China Metrology Certification. 

Hardware and software Ecosystem

l Hardware and software Ecosystem

Welland’s products include smart body fat scales, smart kitchen scales, smart jump rope, smart body girth, and in accordance, this company has developed a well-rounded app ecosystem to accommodate different functions. It is now working on the software integration into the Fitdays+ chain. 

l Production Competence 

Welland more than 33,000 sqm production base comes with a monthly capacity of up to 1.2 million. It has 15 strain gauge factories, 70 sensor factories, and 482 production departments with stringent scientific quality control. 

l Cost Control

Wellands holds a meticulously managed reservoir of suppliers to ensure the utmost competitiveness in the supply chain. It is constantly seeking the optimization of the workflow and staff training for higher production efficiency. 

l Good Market Insight 

Welland’s OEM/ODM products have been distributed to major overseas markets and have been on Amazon’s top 10 lists many times. That’s because Welland consciously puts its clients’ interests as their priority. It sets out to conduct market analysis on price sensitivity, design preference, platform flows, and competition analysis to assist its client’s marketing and sales. 

Welland can help! For more information, visit its website to embark on a tremendous journey to find your best-ever OEM/ODM partner. 

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