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The Best Corner Gaming Desk On The Market

The Eureka Ergonomic AED 72” Studio with keyboard tray is the best corner gaming desk on the market. Read on to find out what makes its unique design so special.

Are you looking to set up your own live stream, switch to PC gaming, or create your own content? With the Eureka Ergonomic AED 72” Studio, your gaming dreams can become a reality. The best corner gaming desk on the market is the exact set-up that every gamer wants and needs. This flexible and heavy-duty corner gaming desk can take even the heaviest of equipment, with a weight capacity of 400 lbs and a durable steel frame. The design is built with gamer comfort in mind, including thoughtful accessories, lots of space, and ultimate comfort. See More.

Versatile Gaming Space

The Eureka Ergonomic AED 72” Studio gives you the sense of privacy you need with this sturdy and versatile gaming space. This corner gaming desk can easily hold three monitors, Xbox, Playstation, switch, and speakers while leaving you space to game in comfort and style. You can be surrounded by all the tech you love in this multifunctional and versatile corner gaming desk.

Gaming In Style

Eureka Ergonomics ambient lighting offers a diverse light display that lets you game in style. Choose between solid, cycle, and pulse multicolor light options, or simply use the singular light display to backlight your gaming session. The carbon fiber design offers a sleek desk that leaves you feeling on top of your game. The LED light display offers you the perfect opportunity to backlight some of your favorite collectibles.

Simple Construction With Multiple Accessories

The AED 72” Studio comes with all the tools you need for simple construction. It also comes with cable management systems, speaker risers, and even cup and headphone holders for the ultimate gaming accessories. This corner gaming desk is perfect to put together on your own, and you definitely do not need to be a construction pro to get this built. The easy-to-follow instructions let you see the best corner gaming desk on the market come together step by step.

Comfort Right From The Get-Go

As soon as you sit down in front of your AED 72” Studio, the first thing you feel is comfort. The keyboard riser is perfectly positioned in front of your monitor, with the plush mouse mat cover looking both stylish and complementing the carbon fiber frame underneath. The risers can support monitors up to 43”, letting you experience an unobstructed widescreen view of your game.

Cable Management Systems

The desk comes with an adhesive cable management system for the front of the desk, but also an organized cable management system discreetly tucked behind the unit. This allows you to keep on top of all your cables with the discrete tray and clip organizational system. Never again will you have to worry about a messy cable appearance with the AED 72” Studio cable management system.

Moveable Keyboard Tray

Your keyboard tray can pivot to wherever you want it, with a fully adjustable system that is positioned wherever works best for your game. When not in use, the keyboard can be discreetly put away. When in use you can benefit from the flexible adjustment options and plush wrist rest which connects directly to the tray.

Smart Storage Solutions

This corner gaming desk is designed to fulfill every conceivable gaming storage need. Mobile device slots can hold your phone or useful cables or batteries, while a tablet rest provides ample opportunities for further space. The desk space itself is a great place to display some of your collectibles, while the headphone and cup holders also provide even more storage opportunities for the avid gamer.

Stability And Durability

The AED 72” Studio has plenty of legroom for you to stretch out during your gaming session. The desk itself is also extremely strong and scratch-resistant, due to the carbon fiber material. The 72 by 30-inch desk gives you a deep and wide space when you need it, while the monitor risers let you set up your monitors and speakers exactly how you want.

Easy Elegance

The surfaces are extremely easy to clean, while the sleek black surface adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. The plush mouse mats and wrist rest help you to feel like you’re gaming in a specialized studio, rather than from the comfort of your own home. This easy elegance is also practical and sturdy, so you can enjoy the quality of the desk for a long time into the future.

Pair With An Ergonomic Chair

The best part of this versatile desk style is that you can pair it with whatever gaming chair or ergonomic chair you could want. Game for the amount of time you want, without worrying about any neck, joint, or shoulder pain. Our Eureka Ergonomic chairs come in the same sleek black as the desk itself, making it the perfect item to pair with this corner gaming desk. If you’re feeling flush you could even pair it with our Call of Duty gaming chair in Warzone Black.

Everything A Gamer Could Ever Want In A Desk

This is the best corner gaming desk on the market because it was created by gamers, for gamers. From the cable management system to the cup holders, every part of this desk is designed with the comfort of Eureka’s customers in mind. From the simplicity of the construction to the sleek design, this corner gaming desk lets you game in the style that you deserve.

We’re So Confident You Get Thirty Days To Try It Out

We’re so confident in our AED 72” Studio that we give you thirty days to try it. If you don’t like it, you can return it to us for a full refund. All of our desks and chairs also come with a five-year warranty, while accessories like the keyboard tray and monitor arms come with their very own three-year warranty.

Want to try out the best corner gaming desk on the market? Order now, for fast, free, and tracked shipping direct to your doorstep from Eureka Ergonomics.

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