The Best Free Credit Cards of 2022

The Best Free Credit Cards of 2022

Are you looking for a free credit card , which therefore has no emission costs , or some type of annual fee for its use? In this article, we have collected the best free credit cards.The Best Free Credit Cards of 2022


Also available for minors (aged 12 and over), the Hype Start Card is certainly one of the most interesting rechargeable cards of the moment. It is in fact a completely free account card that also has an IBAN code and therefore can be used to send and receive wire transfers. You can top up and withdraw from ATMs without commissions anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, with the activation of the card you have a welcome bonus of 10.54 dollars. You can use the card to pay both online and in stores and it is compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay to pay with your smartphone. It also offers cash back that allows you to recover a percentage of your purchases. It only takes 5 minutes to register and receive the card.

Let’s summarize in Benefits of the Hype Start Card:

  • 0 dollar of issuing costs
  • Dollar 0 fee
  • Free withdrawals all over the world
  • Sending and receiving free wire transfers
  • Compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Cash back on purchases


YAP is a card based on the Mastercard circuit designed to be managed through the appropriate smartphone app. Like the Hype Card, it offers 10.54 dollars as a welcome gift upon card activation. With the card you can pay in shops and commercial activities even in contactless mode and it is also designed to exchange money between friends without commissions. You can raise money for a gift for example or send money to your friends or have your parents send you money when you need it.

Of course it can also be used for any type of online purchase. This reloadable card can be recharged via another credit card, another YAP card or in cash in the sisal shops or via a bank account.

Let’s summarize in YAP Card Benefits:

  • 0 dollar of issuing costs
  • Dollar 0 fee
  • Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Many ways to recharge it
  • Possibility to exchange money between friends without commissions

Hype card can best be asked via the legal net platform . To do this, you want to sign up in the correct segment and, in some quick steps, request the cardboard a good way to be sent, in a quick time, to the cope with of residence. Since it’s miles a card with an IBAN, it may be recharged via way of means of financial institution switch or via way of means of paying in coins on the branches of Banca Sella with out the growth of commissions.


Revolut is a free credit card very suitable for those traveling abroad , especially in countries outside the Euro area

Like the other cards mentioned above, Revolut also has an excellent app through which you can manage all aspects of the card, but the real advantages are if you shop or transfer money abroad, as Revolut does not charge you for this. type of operations.

Instant notifications, budget management, the ability to set recurring payments, security functions, card blocking and unblocking via the app are just some of the features made available by Revolut.

Advantages of Personal Revolute Cards:

  • UK checking account
  • current account in Dollars.
  • ATM withdrawals up to 211 dollars per month.
  • Exchange without hidden fees.
  • You can shop in over 150 different currencies at the best exchange rates.


The Bunq card is a payment tool that allows you to optimally manage all your sums of money and allows you to obtain various advantages. Here’s what you need to know about this product.

Bunk Travel Card is a pay as you go card, additionally to be had for minors and for the ones with out their personal income. Specifically, it’s far a handbag that operates at the Mastercard circuit and does now no longer offer a credit score line (and is consequently now no longer similar to a credit score card), however works on a pre-loaded availability that can not be handed over.

The issuing credit score group is Bunk, a Dutch-registered financial institution that specialize in cellular banking and is likewise located via way of means of UBI Banca. The card does now no longer have its personal IBAN, however may be linked freed from price to an internet account on the group itself.


As for the costs, the Bunq Travel card has an activation cost of 10.43 dollars like the prepaid one, but does not include any annual fee. The Premium, on the other hand, has a fee of 101.16 dollars but does not involve activation costs and the same applies to the Super Green , which has an annual fee of 101.16 dollars. All cards charge a 0.99 cent fee for ATM withdrawals .


With these cards it is possible to carry out a good amount of operations such as, for example, online and offline purchases , payment by wire transfers and receipt of payments.

Card control is totally virtual thru cellphone software or constant device. By getting access to the reserved vicinity it’s miles viable to seek advice from the stability and the moves of the cardboard in actual time.

The evaluations of Carta Hype from the internet are normally very high quality with precise appreciation for the low expenses and for the non-public IBAN code . The card, in fact, does now no longer have an annual charge and does now no longer offer for top-up costs through twine transfers.

The peculiarity of the IBAN code, on the opposite hand, makes it a privileged answer for younger humans who’ve a small profits and method the sector of work. The remarks concerning Carta Bunq is similarly lusighieri. Most clients pick out it as an agile fee tool but sophisticated, specially appropriate for younger students.

This is the nice answer for folks who tour lots or examine abroad, however do now no longer want to channel a month-to-month profits via way of means of financial institution


TransferWise is an account and a website that allows you to transfer money in other currencies without necessarily having to incur commission costs that are high and far from pleasant to bear.


It is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the account with 50 currencies is completely free and allows you to carry out all the different procedures in immediate time.

The method of operation is very simple: just enter your data and the details of the account in which you intend to pay the sum of money and here is the final result, that is, you can take advantage of the money received or pay in other different foreign currencies. from the Dollar.


As for the costs, it is necessary to know that the card has a cost of 7 dollars for the reimbursement and the first two withdrawals above two hundred pounds are totally free.


You can carry out various operations, such as online and offline payment, go shopping and carry out various other procedures such as sending payments in other countries and using the card in the Dollar zone and outside it without particular limitations.

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