The best guidelines to fix the Epson error

Epson is a famous brand for printers. The wide models of Epson printers are available for companies and home uses. You can easily get a reliable Epson printer model at good prices. But there are chances of getting errors like other hardware devices. When your Epson device gets the error, the user should inspect for possible causes and solutions.

Epson printer is offline

Printer offline error is very common as users can get it due to numerous reasons. When the status is offline, you should go to your driver. Install the correct one from the Epson website. Also, check for the driver update. Run the update of your Epson driver and then restart the system. Now open the document you need to print and check for the available devices list. Select the Epson and take the printouts.

Can’t find the printer on the network

Sometimes, the printer gets disconnected from the network. Users should try reconnecting the printer. When the router has a WPS pin then connect it directly. Go to Epson and press its Wi-Fi button. Check for the blinking lamp and then press the WPS pin on the router. The user has to wait until the printer lamp stops flashing. When the printer finds your network; the lamp will remain lit. After connection, you should retry to search the printer.

Epson printer error code

While taking the printouts, the system shows the error code on the screen and stops working. The printer shows an error code when it can’t find the resources or some function is not working. You can try restarting the device. Remove the power cord. Now reconnect it and the Epson printer should start automatically. Again try to take the printout. If the printer is not working, you should run the Epson error code 0xf1 repair tool. This utility tool will inspect for the error and repair it automatically. After running the tool, try to run the printer.

Epson printer is giving faded printouts

For the printing quality, the user has to check the remaining ink. When the ink is low, purchase a new cartridge. Don’t get clone cartridges as it provides poor print quality. Users can purchase the ink for the cartridge and refill it easily. After refilling, close the lid correctly and shake it well before installing. Now restart your printer and check the print quality. Users should also inspect the printing mode, change the print mode to high and then take the printouts.

Epson is showing memory full 

The Epson has an inbuilt memory for storing the print jobs. You will get the message when you send lots of print jobs at once. The commands will get stored in a queue. When the queue is full, the user has to wait. But if you give the new command, the printer shows an error. For the memory full message, wait until the pending print jobs get printed. If you have a new print out then you can pause the pending jobs or remove them. But when you don’t have any pending print job but the printer is still showing a memory full message then reset the printer to factory default. Check the reset button on the rear side and press it. You will get the warning message on the printer screen, tap on the Confirm button, and your Epson printer will get reset. Now reconfigure the Epson printer to the system or network and take the printouts. 

The printer is working slow

For improving the printing speed, you should connect the printer using the cable. While using the printer over the network, place it near the router. Sometimes, the printer shows speed issues due to the printhead. Clean the printhead and then check the printer’s speed. For the speed issues on the old printer, change the printing mode. Go to settings and click on mode. Switch it to normal or low. Use this method while taking black and white printouts. 

Ghost printing

When you are getting the ghost printouts, check the printhead. Users can clean it using the Epson utility tool. Run the cleaning tool about 4-5 times and then check the printouts. You can also clean it manually using cotton and alcohol-based cleaner. In case the ghost printing is occurring on very old then you should purchase a new one. 

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