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The Different Types of Civil Rights Violations That Exist Today

In the 1950s and 1960s, the civil rights movement paved the way for social justice for Black Americans.

Although the fight for equal rights under the United States law was won, there are still instances of civil rights violations that occur today. Any treatment against a person based on their race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender, is a civil rights violation.

If you have experienced situations like this, not only is it a criminal offense, but it also violates your constitutional rights.

Keep reading to learn about four common civil rights violations that still exist today.

1. Refusal of Service

If you are refused service in an establishment due to your gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, your civil rights are being violated.

A shop, restaurant, or business owner who refuses to serve specific people is exhibiting discrimination. They are also in violation of that specific patron’s civil rights.

This also goes against the anti-discrimination rights of 1964.

2. Housing Discrimination

This kind of discrimination pertains to being the denial of rental or purchase of housing.

A proprietor cannot deny you housing due to your nationality, disability, sex, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Not only does this apply to renting and selling, but it is also possible when negotiating for mortgages or discussing homeowners insurance.

If you are denied housing because of any of these factors, your civil rights are being violated.

3. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace sexual harassment comes in many forms. Any act that creates an uncomfortable working environment can be considered sexual harassment and violates civil rights.

Here are some common forms of sexual harassment:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Offensive jokes and remarks
  • Sexual favors in exchange for workplace advancement
  • Physical behavior that is sexual
  • Verbal conduct that is sexual in nature
  • Explicit or implicit sexual gestures
  • Intimidating, hostile, or offensive behavior
  • Behaviors that affect the comfort and well-being of a coworker

The perpetrator and victim of sexual harassment can be of any sex or gender. Not only is sexual harassment not allowed in the workplace, but it is a punishable offense.

Sexual harassment can come from another coworker, a supervisor, or even a client or customer.

4. Workplace Gender Discrimination

Gender and sex discrimination involves discrimination that occurs in the workplace as a result of your sex or gender.

There are many ways that this type of discrimination happens, but all are a violation of your civil rights. Gender and sex discrimination can include:

  • Being denied for a promotion
  • Being denied a raise
  • Less pay than other coworkers
  • Changes in job title and responsibilities
  • Being denied leave and entitled compensation
  • Being forced to wear certain clothing (i.e. heels or skirts)

These are just a few of the ways that sex discrimination can violate your civil rights. If you have been discriminated against at work because of your sex or gender, you may want to consider hiring a civil rights attorney. The right legal help can help you regain your rights.

Eradicating Today’s Common Civil Rights Violations

Protecting democracy for yourself and others is part of being an American citizen. There are far too many civil rights violations that exist today, including sexual harassment, refusal of services, housing discrimination, and sex discrimination. Seek legal help if you are experiencing any of these violations and get justice today!

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