The first car in life, should I buy a new car or a used car?

I believe many people considering the purchase of life in the first car, have been entangled in the end to buy a new car or more cost-effective price of a used car? In most people’s life consumption, buying a car is often second only to buying a house with a high unit price. Since buying a car is a big consumption decision, like investment and financial management, of course, you must first understand before making a choice. the advantages and disadvantages of both, according to their own situation, identify themselves more time to buy new cars or used cars.

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The following content will elaborate on everything. The article can be read quickly, and elaborate on the difference between used cars and new cars. 

Pros and cons of the new cars

The most attractive part of buying a new car is that the experience is better. Regardless of the car’s color and equipment, you can choose according to your needs. The quality is also more secure. as there is no record of the accident of the new car. Don’t worry about whether it is a water car or its appearance. Wear. In addition, the new car’s warranty and repair system is relatively sound, and the maintenance cost is relatively low. During the negotiation with the car dealer when buying a car, there is a chance to obtain some additional discounts, such as an insurance warranty, heat insulation stickers, and driving records. Device and so on.

Disadvantages of buying a new cars. 

The biggest drawback of buying a new car is the high total price and fast depreciation. Even if there are many preferential schemes to lower the entry threshold, the final payment is still relatively burdensome, and once the new cars are listed on the first day, the value has been depreciated by 5%. ~ 10%, and then depreciate at a rate of about 15% every year. Until about 3~5 years when the discount is about half price, the depreciation rate will slow down to about 8~10% per year, which means that the newer the cars, The more depreciation.

Advantages and disadvantages of used cars

Of course, the biggest advantage of second-hand cars is that the price is lower than that of new cars of the same model, and the car’s insurance premium is also cheaper, but the difficulty of buying cars and subsequent maintenance is not as easy and simple as new cars. Buying a new car is like buying 100% of the condition of the cars at 100% of the price, and buying a used cars of 3 to 5 years is like buying 80% of the condition of the cars at 60% of the price.


Whether it is ” used car “, ”” or some cars dealer like to use the “new old car”, most of them after a period of use, especially over 3 to 5 years of second-hand cars, whether the steering wheel, leather chairs, the gear lever Or the center console, etc., there must be traces of use or some small defects. In addition to the condition of the cars, various parts in the cars will also be worn to a certain extent, so in terms of maintenance and repair, second-hand cars may cost more money and time than a new car, and this is one of the costs of buying a second-hand car. Because of this. Buying a Middle car looking for reliable used car lines and careful vehicle inspection will be a very important part.


New vehicle  Second-hand vehicle 
Amount of selling price Higher and faster depreciation Lower, slow depreciation
Driving experience Brand new, flexible vehicle  color There may be traces of use and minor defects
Vehicle quality Guaranteed, no need to worry when buying Opaque, check carefully when buying a vehicle 
Maintenance Low cost, sound maintenance and warranty The cost is high, and there may be discontinued parts
Insurance with higher lower


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