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The Guide That Makes It Simple to Open a Drug Rehabilitation Center

As a compassionate medical professional, you’ve seen the toll that addiction takes on the lives of addicts and their families. You’ve done plenty of work on your own, but you can’t help but wonder what you’d do if you had the power of a drug rehabilitation center behind you.

You may have the medical expertise needed to run a center along with plenty of empathy, but business ownership is something entirely new to you. Do you have what it takes to build a drug rehab community and become a small business owner?

We think so! It’s possible to start your own rehab center, you just have to go about opening it the right way. If you want to build the best drug rehab for your patients, you’re going to need plenty of insight into the business world before you get started.

If you’re ready to open your drug rehabilitation center, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

Learn the Law 

As a medical professional, you already know that medicine and the law are heavily intertwined. Drug rehabilitation can fall under the umbrella of medical treatment, but there are still plenty of laws and practices that are unique to this area of medicine.

There are plenty of federal and state laws that revolve around the world of addiction treatment. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them on your own, but it’s an even better idea to team up with a lawyer early on in the planning process that can be your legal aid.

Every person that’s even considering opening a business of any kind should get the help of a lawyer, but this is especially true for people that want to start rehabs. You want to ensure that you’re building your practice on a solid and legal foundation before you get in too deep.

It’s also important to note that even though you’re an established medical professional you’ll likely need a special license to open your rehab. Your lawyer can help make sure you have everything in order to legally open your facility.

Know Your Patients  

If you want to open a successful rehab practice you need to be able to cater to your patients. Take time in the planning stages to really think about who you want to see at your facility and the best ways to cater to them.

When you envision your patients walking into your treatment facility, what kind of people do you see?

Some people may think about affluent high-earners that want an upscale rehab experience. Others may see people below the poverty line that need a second chance at life. Your patients could be older adults that need a private place to get clean to avoid social stigma. They could be teenagers that need a second chance before they become legal adults.

Create patient personas to flesh out who your ideal patient would be like. Take note of important demographic information like their age, education, income level, and motivations for wanting to attend rehab.

Plan Out Your Facility

The space you choose for your rehab will largely depend on whether or not you plan on opening an in-patient or out-patient facility. Some people may need access to a sprawling facility that can house their residents, others may just need appropriate space for day treatments.

Office space for counselors, private rooms for therapy, room for physical treatments, and even storage should be taken into consideration. The rehab facility doesn’t just need to be comfortable for patients, your employees will need plenty of room to do their work.

If you’re running low on space or don’t think you can afford certain kinds of equipment, consider partnering with a physical rehab center or even a gym to get some extra space. In some cases, it may be easier to spread things out instead of having everything in one facility.

Technology is also an important part of any modern rehab experience. Take the time now to consider what kind of rehabilitation case management software you’ll use to manage cases, along with the security tech you can use to make tracking patients and signing people in easier.

Craft Your Business Plan 

The business plan you make for your rehab facility will serve as your guiding light through the opening process and beyond. A comprehensive plan will be able to clearly lay out any objectives you want to meet and also provide guidance for finances, staffing, and whatever else you need.

Aside from serving as your guide, your business plan will also play a key role in securing funding for your facility. Banks and other lenders won’t want to invest money into businesses that don’t have a plan. The business plan you present them will show whether or not you’re a worthy investment.

There are plenty of comprehensive guides on how to write a business plan that can help you during this process. However, consider getting your lawyer involved along with a financial planner that can help you better see the financial side of things.

Pick a Stellar Staff

The best intentions and a thorough business plan are important, but the staff you choose will play a crucial role in the success of your facility. They’ll be interacting with your patients the most, so they’ll be largely responsible for the overall patient experience.

Doctors and counselors are an important part of any rehab, but they aren’t the only professionals that will help your patients. Clerical workers, caseworkers,  and even the janitorial staff will all do their part to create a great patient experience.

Finding all of these professionals on your own can be difficult and a little time-consuming. Reaching out to a reputable medical staffing agency can help you find the help you need.

Next Steps for Opening a Drug Rehabilitation Center

When you approach things the right way, opening a drug rehabilitation center can be very simple. When you build on a solid foundation of professional legal and financial help, well-planned patient personas, and a great business plan you’re setting yourself up for success.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what it takes to open a rehab facility. There’s still plenty of work to be done.

Do you know the right way to pick a location for your rehab? Are you curious about how to find the right staffing agency? Have you thought about insurance?

We have the answers you need on this blog! Keep browsing our posts so you can learn more about the right way to open your new rehab facility.


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