The Secret Of The Vanilla Perfume Copy Price

Perfumery is not a cheap pleasure. What is the reason for the often high prices for vanilla perfume products? Why is perfume expensive?

Before answering this question. Are we talking about all perfumery products? Or only about those whose concentration is labeled “parfum”, “extrait de parfum”, “parfum concentrée”, etc.? In the first case, it is a question of pricing, which is rather difficult to answer unequivocally. The cost of a fragrance in different perfumery segments depends on various factors, but almost always it is formed in the same way as for other luxury vanilla perfume items.

The price of your perfume bottle takes into account the work of the perfumer, the cost of the brand name, raw materials, packaging, transportation, storage, the amount of customs costs, as well as all marketing activities and markups of intermediaries between you and the manufacturer. A bottle of perfume is the more expensive. The more expensive the raw materials that make up the formula, the more attractive the packaging. And the higher the manufacturer himself evaluates the product. The latter is perhaps the most important factor in perfume pricing.

Vanilla Perfume

If we talk about perfumes as a form of concentration of a perfume product. Then their price is justified by the increased content of fragrant substances. It is also worth noting that the justification of the high price by the “natural ingredients”. Of which the perfume is supposedly composed is extremely rarely based on grounds. An exception may be the vanilla perfume fragrances of some niche brands, but in this case, the manufacturer often accepts the general rules of the game and sets the price at the proper level.

The artistic and aesthetic significance of a perfume product cannot be considered a significant factor in pricing.

Differences between the copy of perfume and the original

Many will be interested in what is so good about purchasing copies of perfumery products? The main feature is affordable prices. So, buying a licensed copy, it costs several times cheaper. At the same time, such a perfume has a similar resemblance to real perfumes, since the production involves the use of analogues of perfume bases and other components.

The secret of the copy price

This is due to the vanilla perfume location of production facilities in countries where enterprises are subject to preferential taxation, labor is cheaper, and work is carried out using a franchise. All this creates ideal conditions for the production of any perfume at a very attractive and affordable cost.


In the composition of high-quality copies, absolutely all the components of the perfume contained in the original sample are present. All the elements in the composition are produced by means of synthetic substances identical to the original ones. In the vanilla perfume composition of the original perfume, there are mostly expensive natural components, but they are easily repeated in a copy. Especially natural components show themselves in the index of persistence of the smell of perfume after application. As well as in terms of storage. Since the substances used are created naturally. The “real” perfume has an almost unlimited shelf life.

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