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The Top 10 Lighting Trends for 2022

The lighting is a key element that defines the look and feels of your property (including the house) at night. If you have invested a lot of effort in the aesthetic design of your exterior, you should certainly highlight its features with successful exterior lighting trends 2022.

 Choosing and positioning luminaires is a process that takes time and research – there are so many different options and products on the market. In order to make your task easier, we give lighting Trends 2022 on the selection criteria to be taken into account.
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Sure enough, the eyes are simply drawn to a home with neat exterior lighting that makes a style statement. 

Your guests get their first impressions literally right from the sidewalk and have the opportunity to feel welcome in the calm and cozy atmosphere of your garden. 

Safety and coziness from one touch

One of the main benefits of landscape lighting is homeowner safety. In addition, police studies clearly show that a well-lit house will deter intruders from breaking into them. The trick to a successful design is to give the impression that the light is there to create a friendly atmosphere but at the same time, to take full advantage of its safety features.

 This means that your mission is more complicated than just shining a garage spotlight in a corner of your backyard. Finally, if outdoor lighting is properly installed and in harmony with your landscaping, it can increase the value of your home when ‘one potential buyer evaluates it against another.

For the enhancement of a facade or an arrangement, what better than good lighting. Lighting creates an atmosphere, enhances the environment, and allows you to orient yourself better.

Lighting is the expression of the 4th architectural dimension. It emphasizes areas, surfaces, and textures in subtle ways. Lighting can bring out the beauty of a layout or the elegance of a property. It brings elegance and refinement, but also security.

What color of lighting is for the exterior?

Dark colors attract light while lighter colors reflect it. Contrasts are more easily emphasized by low lighting. Adapt lighting according to the season. Halloween or Christmas parties can be a fun way and make a difference.

Good lighting brings cheerfulness and life to the home and is (often) pleasure for the neighbors. Several light shows can be permanently installed to facilitate lighting changes.

Too much lighting can also dazzle and disrupt vision and neighbors!

Lighting should be differentiated from interior. Moderate it. Play with colors and intensities. You can enhance the design of your garden with lampposts, paper lanterns, light fixtures, or LED. You can illuminate your garden or your fountains and swimming pools with outdoor lamp posts, garden lamps, light fixtures, and light effects or garlands.

Lighting Trends 2022:What equipment to choose?

Both intended for lighting and decoration, the equipment must determine the desired effect in terms of ambiance. Plan your layout according to your tastes, your aspirations, and your budget.

It is essential to use material approved for outdoor use. 28-watt LED fixtures are the equivalent of a 100-watt incandescent lamp while 175-watt vapor ones are equivalent to 500 to 1,000 watts. Installation should be carried out by a professional if the equipment is powered by more than 120 volts.

Provide light on the terrace or above the dining area

You could, of course, light up a tree or a garden patch, but remember that a plant or a tree that is too bright can have its photosynthesis disrupted, and in particular have harmful consequences on its growth. You can illuminate your swimming pool, your body of water or a fountain which will give it shine and will highlight it in the evening. Vertical directed towards the ground is more difficult to achieve. It is difficult to conceal the source and it does not always give the desired effect.

Floor Trends 2022

The aisles, paths, and entrances will preferably have reassuring lighting. Some lights run on solar energy and you may also find laser snow projectors that provide this effect.

You may find that the process of planning and selecting the right outdoor fixtures for your landscape it can take you longer than installing them. We hope, however, that we’ve helped you make the decisions that will work best for the exterior of your home.

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