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The Ultimate Checklist for Building Your Own Home | Custom Home-Building Essentials

Building your own home brings about countless responsibilities. With so many decisions to make and things to keep a check on, having a checklist is definitely going to make things incredibly easy for you. 

This checklist is going to include every aspect you must keep in mind when building a custom home for yourself, in case you forget the most crucial details and so that you do not regret later upon forgetting a few aspects you always wanted in your new home.

 So, let’s begin… 

Pick your custom home builder

The first step to custom home construction is to hire an impressive company or a contractor who is experienced enough to handle custom home-building projects. 

This step is critical. So, take your time to research the best construction companies in your area. And don’t forget to take a look at their prior experiences, projects, licenses, and reviews.

If possible, jot down a list of questions you must ask from the contractor before the actual project begins.


Michelle Doornbosch suggests that after you and your custom home builder have set out a plan for building your new custom home, the first thing you should do is make a checklist for your finances.

This is going to include either your personal assets or taking a loan from the bank. Therefore, you must have a checklist for when you might need to visit your bank to prepare for all the finances beforehand. This is most important when you aren’t paying upfront to your contractor.


It is also important to know that construction mortgages are more difficult to get than traditional loans, as banks aren’t ready to loan money for a finished product. 

Thus, in order to obtain a construction loan, you must provide important details to your lender. Such as the timeline for construction, the budget, material to be used, floor plans, etc. Thus, these aspects should be included in your checklist. 


Now, let’s discuss aspects you must consider as you step into your custom home. Right next to the entrance of your custom home, you should consider adding a mudroom. 

A mudroom could be any small room or area where individuals keep their footwear, as well as outer clothing. Also, a mudroom is ideal if you have kids or pets. This is going to be the most appropriate place to clean yourselves, and the pet, before they step into the house. 

In this mudroom, you can stock up towels and other sanitary items, as well as shoe storage, and a shower/drain area where everyone can clean up to avoid bringing in dirt inside the house. 

Furthermore, this is most ideal in case you have dogs. Having tracked-in dirt brought into your home is extremely displeasing.

Large laundry rooms

A large laundry room is a must-have in any home. In case you didn’t add an exquisite laundry room to your new custom home, you will definitely regret it later. 

Adding large laundry rooms to either the ground floor or first or second floor will avoid you having to rush to the basement unnecessarily for laundry. 

In case the master room in your new custom home is planned to be on the main floor, then you should definitely consider adding a large laundry room to the main floor as well. 

Moreover, if the rest of the bulk bedrooms are upstairs. Then you should also consider adding small laundry rooms on that floor as well. So every member of the family can have easy access to the laundry area, and also do their own laundry Building. 

Easy access to the laundry in your home will surely get the work done much quicker.

 Proper storage

What most homeowners complain about after having their new custom home built is not planning out proper storage. This is specifically for kitchens, bathrooms, and a separate storage room in the house. 

Therefore, you must not forget to add adequate storage to your checklist. Having ample amounts of space to add important belongings and appliances are highly important. 

As for the kitchen in your custom home, consider adding numerous cabinets. Especially cabinets to the ceiling, larger cupboards, and drawers. 

The same goes for bathrooms. Adding a proper storage room and pantry would be the best idea, as it will not only help you to sort out your edibles and belongings but will also help you to organize and manage them better.

Smart thermostat

Of course, your new home will not need an optimal temperature all day and week long. Therefore, you should definitely add a smart thermostat to your checklist. 

This innovative thermostat will help you save energy costs. This tech piece is going to help you program your home automatically, especially when no one is in the house. 

You can just turn this smart thermostat on during the winter just a few moments before you enter your home, or when you wake up, rather than having the heaters on all day and week long. 

Apart from the energy-efficiency benefit. Adding a smart thermostat is definitely going to give your new custom home a luxurious feel!

A large covered patio/outdoor kitchen

You don’t want a boring home with everyone inside especially during the spring, do you? 

Thus, this is when you should add an extended large patio area. As well as a small outdoor kitchen to your list. Believe us, you are definitely going to regret not paying much detail to the exterior of your home if you don’t put this in your checklist. 

Consider adding a large backyard, or a covered patio by the pool so that you and your family members can unwind and spend a day outdoors. 

Why not have a barbeque by the pool? This would make an ideal location for you to invite your close friends and family over to have quality time and make the perfect recipe for summer fun. Also, why not add a small garden in which you can grow organic fruits and vegetables? The options are limitless…


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