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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Electrician in Dubai

You might not think about it often, but Electrician in Dubai are a crucial part of our society. These professionals help to keep the world running by fixing problems with power and electricity. Luckily, if you live in Dubai, there are plenty of electricians who specialize in working with different buildings and homes here so that you don’t have to stress if something goes wrong. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect electrician in Dubai!

What to Expect from an Electrician in Dubai

While every Electrician in Dubai has their own set of specialties and services, there are a few things you can expect from all electricians. First, you can expect that an electrician will properly and safely install any equipment or wiring that is electrical. This can include anything from electrical outlets, switches, and even more advanced equipment such as circuit breakers.

You can also expect them to consult with you to make sure your home or business is properly wired, as well as troubleshoot any issues with your electrical system. Second, you can expect that an electrician can help you with any repairs to your electrical system. Lastly, you can expect that an electrician can help you plan for the future. They can design your electrical system for new additions, upgrades, or repairs to existing wiring. They can also help you plan out the best way to utilize solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

Finding the Right Electrician

Finding the rightElectrician in Dubai is important, as you need a professional who can do a great job for you. However, it can also be a difficult process, as there are so many options out there. Here are some steps that can help make finding the right electrician much easier for you. First, start with a list of potential electricians in Dubai. This can help you narrow down selections based on price, reviews, and more. Next, interview each electrician on your list. This will help you make sure that you find the right person for the job. From here, you can select the electrician who best fits your needs.

Check Licensing and Certification

One of the first things you should do when checking out potential electricians is to make sure that they have the proper credentials. In most places, Electrician in Dubai needs a special license or certification that shows that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their job well. You can ask potential electricians about their certifications, and you can also do some research online to make sure that they are legitimate. If the electrician’s license has expired, it might be a sign that they don’t have the right skills to do their job anymore.

Check Reviews and References

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of Electrician in Dubai, you should make sure that you check their reviews and references. You can usually find references online, either on the electrician’s website or on review sites like Yelp. Reference checks are especially important if you are working with an electrician who is new or less well-known.

Check Pricing and Services Offered

Another thing you should do when selecting an Electrician in Dubai is to make sure that you have an idea of their pricing. You can do this by asking for estimates or quotes from a few different electricians. You can also look at websites like Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to see the average prices for electrical services in Dubai.

What to do if your house does not pass electrical inspections?

Inspections are generally required for most electrical work that needs to be done in your home, especially anything that involves new installations, extensive upgrades, or rewiring. Such inspections are necessary for your safety and to comply with state and federal rules and regulations. If your home doesn’t pass an electrical inspection, here’s what to do.

Electrician in Dubai carries out an electrical inspection to understand why your house did not pass the inspection. If the inspector has not provided detailed information about why your home’s electrical inspection failed, have a certified electrician review the report and explain what should be done. They often have more time to answer your questions and discuss your options in detail. Common reasons an inspection fails include:

  1. Lack of GFCI protection to cut power when incorrect current is detected
  2. Exposed wiring or open spliced ​​wires (common in DIY jobs)
  3. The Excessive use of extension cords and lack of sufficient outlets.
  4. Circuits over fused

Apply for a building permit

You may need a permit if you’ve had an initial inspection and found more work to be done to fix problems. In most places, only a certified contractor can apply for a permit. Permits are required for most work beyond simple repairs.

Hire an electrician to fix system problems

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with repeated inspection issues and hire a professional to troubleshoot your system. It’s an investment that often means quality work is delivered, which is your ultimate goal.

4 Reasons to Perform Periodic Electrical Safety Inspections

By regularly performing an electrical safety inspection for your home, you are choosing to:

1. Save money over time

Electrical fires and faulty electrical systems can cost you a lot of time and money, especially if you don’t have adequate insurance. Regular electrical safety inspections can help you spot damaged cords, faulty outlets, or other problems before they become a major hazard or cause costly damage to your home.

2. Increase safety by reducing risks

In addition to saving money, regular security inspections allow you to correct potential security risks before they become a major threat. This allows you to improve the safety of everyone in your home by minimizing the risk of electrocution, electrical fires, system failures, and overloaded appliances. Any repairs or maintenance done as a result of regular inspections will also improve your home’s electrical safety during inclement weather, giving you peace of mind all year long.

3. Optimize the efficiency of your home

While functionality is the top concern for most homeowners, efficiency has become a growing concern due to rising energy costs. Regular electrical safety inspections allow an electrician in Dubai to uncover potential areas for improvement in your home so he can make replacements or additions as needed to keep your home running smoothly and lower your utility bill.

4. Keep your home in line with current standards

Electrical codes and standards change over time. While your home may have met the requirements 25 years ago when it was built, it may not meet modern standards for safety and performance. This compliance is often required for insurance coverage purposes, so it’s worth scheduling an electrical safety inspection to see if your home is in order. If not, your electrician can give you some recommendations to bring it up to current standards.

Contact the Expert Electric team to learn more about our safety inspection solutions and other residential electrical services. You can reach us by phone at 604-681-8338 or through our online contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions about your project.


There are many reasons why you might need to hire an Electrician in Dubai. Maybe you need new outlets or switches installed, or maybe you need to fix an issue with your electrical system. You don’t want to let a problem with your electrical system go unaddressed, as it could lead to serious and dangerous problems. Instead, it is important to find an electrician Dubai residents can trust.

However, finding the right electrician can be tricky. It is important to check their licensing, certifications, and references. You should also make sure to get an estimate or quote before hiring an Electrician in Dubai. From there, you can rest assured that your electrical system is in good hands. And you can focus on more important things, like enjoying your home or business!


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