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These 4 Asanas are best for Meditating

Here are the 4 asanas that are best for meditating. Yogis of India have told about the subject of yoga and meditation for the welfare of human beings. He had understood the structure of the human body, due to which I also consider him the greatest scientist. He has given such asanas of meditation for spiritual progress, through which a person can feel ecstasy and Meditation is the seventh part of Ashtanga Yoga and before that one should also practice Pranayama. But today I will tell you such asanas which the great yogis of that time used to do meditation.


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4 Asana Meditating:

Let us know that 4 such important meditation postures, which were adopted by the yogis and had a realization of the divine.

1. Siddhasana 

Jitendriya Sadhak should place the heel of one foot between the testicle and the anus, and place the other in the lingual root, place the chin in the larynx, then observe the frenulum by remaining steady and erect. The practice of this asana gives salvation.

Muladhara chakra is activated by this asana and semen also moves upward. Due to which the face increases and the body also becomes radiant. This asana helps in the observance of celibacy, which is very important for spiritual progress.


2. Padmasana 

Keeping the left foot on the right thigh and the right foot on the left thigh, take the hands on the back in a reverse manner, holding the left thumb with the right hand and the right foot firmly from the left, put the chin on the heart and see the tip of the nostril, its practice destroys all diseases. There are.

That is, the yogi situated in Padmasana should do supplement, laxative, Kumbhaka by the method of pranayama, by doing so the yogi becomes free. There is no doubt about the flow of prana uniformly during the practice period.


3. Swastikasana 

The Swastika symbol is an important symbol of the Hindu religion, it is known to all. This sign gives both spiritual and material progress. Sage Vashishta used to meditate while sitting in this posture.

To do this, placing both the feet (soles) in the middle of both the thighs and knees, tie a triangular posture, and sit in a simple posture is called Swastikasana.


4. Gomukhasana

First, sit in Sukosan. After that, keep the heel of one foot under the buttocks in such a way that it comes under the anus. And bend the other leg and place it on the first leg. Sage Vishwamitra meditated for the first time while sitting in this posture.

This awakens the Muladhara Chakra, which leads to quick meditation. Men who have difficulty in practicing celibacy must do this asana.


Those who are willing to meditate can choose one of the asanas mentioned above and can start meditation. Through meditation, you can stay away from many types of diseases, meditation makes you mentally and physically healthy.


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