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Things to Consider Before Buying Halloween contact lenses

Halloween is that time of the year when you can officially dress up all funky without people passing any judgemental comments. We shouldn’t care about what people say or think of us, but we usually do. And as much as it hurts our feelings to be called weird and freaky on a regular day, we all love being called spooky, freaky and strange on Halloween when we want to look different. It is when you can be the centre of attention and be praised for your costume and makeup skills. So, yes, this is the exact time you can fit in Halloween contact lenses and polish your look.

No doubt it is lovely and super fascinating to change your eye colour. We all feel fascinated by strange and unique eye colours. And the truth is, at some point in our lives, we all have wished to get those alien or vampire eyes. You will be kidding yourself if you say no. It might have happened in a dream or a weird fantasy. You don’t need to get Halloween contact lenses only for Halloween; in fact, they are the same as regular coloured contact lenses that you can wear. The only thing that’s going to make a difference is the coloured contact lenses shading you are going to opt for.

What to consider before buying Halloween contact lenses?

Rash decisions might be easy to make, but they aren’t really fruitful. We all regret those decisions because we don’t know what next to do. If you want everything to go right, you have to pre-plan everything! And by pre-planning, we do not mean that you should sit down and stare at the shadings of Halloween contact lenses and then pick the one that looks pretty or touches your heart. Or maybe you should buy something or a colour that you love on the spot and decide on a look or makeover with it later. But the correct is to take a few factors into account to rock that Halloween party!

Here are a few useful deciding factors for you all.

What’s the Event?

We often hear people saying Halloween is spooky and freaky, and that’s the kind of event it is. But that’s not so true anymore. These days there are subdivisions of everything. For instance, if it’s a Halloween event, people will ask if it’s a daytime function or night time function. Is it a movie night or barbeque themed event? The next question might be it a formal gathering or just some drinking and eating? The people might also ask if the Halloween party is for every one of specific age and gender.

So, depending upon who is hosting the party, what the venue and age group is, you need to choose your outfit. And then, depending upon your outfit, you have to pick up Halloween contact lenses that can elevate your entire look. You can’t be wearing orange contact lenses at a formal dinner where everyone is over the age of sixty, and you have to respect them and not scare them. Similarly, you aren’t supposed to wear white-out contact lenses to a party where everyone is below the age of three. After all, you don’t want to scare them for life.

What Are You Up to?

The second factor for choosing your contact lenses is to decide what you are up to. I mean, everyone has a different plan for Halloween eve. Teenagers like messing around and playing like the spirits. At the same time, those in their twenties try something more substantial. And with time and age, the dressing up energy diminishes, and people prefer dinners and family gathering over pranking people or playing dead. So whatever you are up to, Halloween contact lenses can play a significant role in trying to help you achieve the goal.

For instance, if you want to play dead, wear your regular clothes, wear white-out contact lenses and lay down on a couch in the hallway with your eyes wide open. You are doing it to scare people, and they’ll lose their breath for a minute at least. But don’t try it on the faint-hearted. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for a murder!

But if you think the idea above is too mainstream, how about you come up with one of your own? Maybe take some time and think it over? Perhaps, ghosting people by pretending to be an alien at midnight would be a good idea. It’s a good prank you can play on school-going children without traumatising them for life. You can wear blue or green Halloween contact lenses, a stretchy costume and jump into the kids’ room where they are playing. But remember to be nice. Also, don’t you dare leave the room without convincing them you are an alien? Sit down and tell them stories of outer space. Make the most out of it!

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