TigrenPWA: Time-and-Cost-Saving Magento PWA Development Solution

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a powerful technology that can bring many benefits to e-commerce websites. That is why many Magento owners want to integrate PWA in their websites and are looking for an optimal Magento PWA development solution.

However, there are various solutions from a bunch of Magento companies. That is why website owners have to answer the question: What is the supreme solution?

TigrenPWA is the satisfactory answer for this question. With amazing themes, TigerPAW will help merchants save significant time and money to upgrade regular Magento stores to a modern and powerful Magento 2 PWA.

Why It’s A Time-saving Magento PWA Development Approach

The first outstanding factor of TigerPAW is the fast installation process. It just takes several hours to install the theme on the Magento website.

If merchants want to fix the websites or add configuration, the development team will help address issues. After several days, you will have a ready-to-use Magento 2 PWA website.

In contrast, when you build PWA from scratch or use Magento PWA Studio, it takes at least 2-3 months to accomplish your website. Of course, you want to see your own unique and astonishing website as soon as possible.

After reading the words above, I know most of you will have the same question “Why can Tigren do it?”
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Okay, this is the answer.

1/ Built with Magento PWA Studio

TigrenPWA theme was built from PWA studio. After researching and finding the solutions, they create and develop their version that maintains Magento PWA Studio’s strengths, improves its shortcomings, and expands more functions.

Just checking the TigrenPWA demo, you will see a much more attractive and charming design than Venia (the default storefront of PWA Studio).

Moreover, unlike the Venia theme, TigrenPWA maintains almost all of the core features of Magento websites.

2/ Various designs

TigrenPWA theme has various designs for you to choose from. You needn’t build a new design from scratch but select an appropriate and fascinating one. Of course, Tigren can customize the website as you want, but you have to spend over one month waiting for the complete web.

And remember, when you decide to convert a website to Magento 2 Progressive Web App, you can not keep the old template because the PWA storefront will replace the Magento frontend. Therefore, you have to create a new design for the PWA storefront.

3. Available functions

Tigren supplies a bunch of available functions for you, including Progressive Web App functions, Magento core functions, built-in features, and several add-ons.
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When you convert your site to PWA, almost all extensions or custom extensions can not run. Because your extensions were built for the Magento frontend, not the PWA storefront, you must develop APIs to connect these old functions.

Thus, the solution is using available functions of the TigrenPWA theme. They have similar functions (as your old ones) and are a source of perfect extensions for you. It can help you to reduce the significant time for building new ones.

Why It’s A Cost-saving Method For Magento PWA Development?

A great Magento PWA development solution will have two elements: an affordable cost and high quality. Luckily, TigrenPWA has both. With $799, you will own an excellent website that will attract a larger audience. Besides, this cost covers some utilities and services that amaze you and make you happy.

1/ Low Magento PWA theme cost

TigrenPWA theme just cost only $799, with a source of attractive designs, optimal extensions, and functions. This is a great deal for you who want an unbeaten Magento PWA development solution.

First, their theme was built with the official Magento PWA studio (some themes were not). TigrenPWA has more advantages since it is more assertive with the development of Magento. The theme will be updated as soon as Magento updates. Besides, the theme will pretend to conflict with the Magento default function.

Second, Tigren PWA storefront has excellent designs that are Simplicity, Readability, Consistency, User-friendly and Easy to Navigation. Customers can change some minor features in their theme (colour palette, fonts, banner, logo and favicon) to fit with brand identity.

Not only that, they can customize the whole theme to meet the needs of clients.

Third, they have a rich source of PWA’s APIs. TigrenPWA theme has all PWA functions fulfilling merchants: add-to-home-screen, offline mode, push notification, cross-platform, super fast speed, etc.

Besides, the TigrenPWA theme maintains all the Magento default functions (unlike Magento PWA studio) as add to the wishlist and comparison. That will secure the user-friendliness of the website and make audiences pleasant. Merchants will still manage their stores easily as before, even if they are converted to Progressive Web Apps.

You will be satisfied if some functions are helping you to sell online, right? TigrenPWA understands your expectations and gives you lovely solutions by supplying diverse features such as Improved layered navigation, Shop by brand, Banner manager, Product labels, Live chat, etc.

2/ Free Installation

Unlike conventional Magento theme, TigrenPWA theme complicat and requires proficient and experienced developers. Some themes are free or have lower costs, but you have to pay extra fees (really high) for installation. But Tigren team will support merchants to install its theme without any installation fee.

3/ Free support after installation in 3 months

After installing TigrenPWA, their team will support customers if they have any questions or problems about the TigrenPWA theme in 3 months. You do not have to pay any fees but will receive a fast and conscientious service.

The Tigren team replies to you really fast. The thing you have to do is just connect with them, and they will find solutions for you. I assure you that their support will satisfy you and help you to use the website easily.

4/ Free lifetime updates

Built with Magento PWA studio, the TigrenPWA theme was updated automatically, and you needn’t purchase any cost for your whole life. The new versions always have better features than before, so your website is often improved.

But, how will it change?

Built-in features will update in the future. Your website frequently has new features (from PWA studio), so you don’t have to worry that your site will be outdated.

Additionally, merchants can access new theme designs of TigrenPWA. They have an impressive theme store added frequently. When you want to change to another theme, you choose and pay for it. Developers will help you to install.

5/ Minimized customization costs 

TigrenPWA supplies high-quality designs and functions that please the customers. Thus, you do not need to customize your website anymore. You can save an amount of money for customization.

If you require it, you will have a dream website as you want. Tigren team will customize your website with just a small fee.

6/ Other possible fees might be low

TigrenPWA theme is a product of Tigren, a Magento development company in Vietnam, Asia. The hourly rate of developers is relatively low compared with developers in the UK, US, and other high developing countries; because the Vietnamese currency is weak.

When merchants need any extended support for project management, customization, fixing problems, etc, you have to spend reasonable and inexpensive fees. Customers won’t worry too much about cost and time. You will receive results that are more than you expect!

TigrenPWA is a good choice for merchants to improve e-commerce websites. Just spending a short time and money, merchants will have a great Magento PWA development solution.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, TigrenPWA is an optimal Magento Progressive Web App development solution for merchants because of its affordable cost and short time to complete projects. Instead of spending a month to have a perfect Magento 2 PWA website, it takes you only a few days. That helps you a lot to reduce the market competition.

Not only that, you can save significant money on this solution due to Tigren’s full service and life-long update. You needn’t spend any money to have new updated functions of Magento. This is not something every Magento PWA solution can do.

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