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Tips for New eCommerce Store Website Design

The skyrocketing craze for online shopping among people, especially youth, has left businesses with no other choice but to open eCommerce stores. This isn’t! Due to the fierce online competition, it has become challenging for business owners to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Never fear; website design is the magical elixir that helps in gaining an edge over others by creating a successful eCommerce store. It inspires users to take action and strengthens their trust in a brand.

So, let’s dive right in and discuss some tips for new eCommerce store web design:

Keep it Mobile-Responsive

Website design isn’t just about how your eCommerce site looks, but it’s about how your site works.

In this digital era, “Let’s go for shopping” has lost its charm due to the increasing popularity of online shopping.

Thanks to technological advancements, businesses can attract customers from all over the world and increase their revenue.

However, creating an eCommerce website is of no use if it takes ages to load. Therefore, the first step is to make sure you have a mobile-responsive website.

This is the smartphone age where the majority of people buy their favourite products with the help of their mobile devices. So, making your site mobile-friendly will increase your chances of converting users that scroll your site on their mobile phones.

Put Your Top Products Front-And-Center

Have you witnessed products displayed on the shelf of a brick-and-motor store? Well, they put their products at eye level to engage customers.

So, if your store doesn’t highlight the best-selling products, it is high time to highlight them on the site by using contrasting colours and tweaking the layout size.

The best approach to wind up with more sales is highlighting products that make you the most money. You can also promote your top-rated products by making banners.

Use a Pop-up Sign-up Sheet

The online world is an ever-swelling marketplace where prospects multiply by the second. However, in this monopolistic competition, not having a good website design is a surefire way of falling behind the competition and ceding away the competitive advantage.

Therefore, the next website design tip is to use an immediate pop-up sign-up sheet.


It is crucial for re-marketing. After all, some users are just searching for availability and pricing. Once getting the email addresses of those users, you can encourage them again when they’ve had time to think about their options.

Users are highly likely to flock to online stores when a quick email hits them at the right time. When considering pop-ups to get users’ email addresses, make sure you offer something in return. Otherwise, they’re highly likely to tap on the close button and move on.

Perform Best SEO Practices

A good website design catches the attention and converts the target audience to customers.
Now, the question arises, “how you attract users to your eCommerce site?”


Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is the process of moving your site higher on the search results. The more you put effort into SEO, the higher your exposure will be to your site views and reach.

Keywords, product descriptions, and built-in SEO tools are three prominent SEO tips for eCommerce sites.

  • Keywords

These are the phrases or words that users search on the web to buy their desired products. For instance, “best perfumes”  is a very reasonable phrase that users may search online when buying a new perfume.

Sprinkling the right amount of keywords on your eCommerce site increases search engines’ chances of associating your online site with those phrases.

  • Product Description

Small or large, every eCommerce business should include product descriptions that are easy-to-read and describe products clearly.  Search engines consider product descriptions to check a page’s relevancy. So, if you want to communicate to your users more effectively and achieve rankings, it is imperative to write rich and accurate product descriptions.

  • Built-in SEO Tools

Without the right knowledge and tools, running an eCommerce business can be daunting. The right website builder can help improve a site with built-in SEO tools. You can make a more informed decision on what keywords to use with the help of powerful metrics and data provided by the right SEO tool. Embedding the right tool will help you move your rankings higher.

Use Powerful Images

A picture tells more than a thousand words. Therefore, when running an eCommerce site, businesses ought to focus on high-resolution images. One of the effective ways is to create a slideshow of each products’ pictures.

Customers generally want to see their product in action before making any purchase. Visit any giant eCommerce site, and you will find out that they have shot various images of their products because online business revolves around the images, especially when selling clothing.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

As an eCommerce site’s owner, you need to make your site easily accessible to your customers. It has been witnessed that users are highly likely to exit a site that makes users dig too deep to find the right category.

So, make your site look clean and clear by simplifying the process with the help of drop-down menus.   Do some groundwork by spying on your competitors’ sites. It will help you get ideas about how they organize their content.

The best approach is to model your eCommerce site after the industry norms. It helps users interact with your site easily and makes it easier to shop with you. Amazon’s one-click buy option is the best example that helps users complete their purchase seamlessly without any hassle.

Use Scannable Content

The next best tip to keeping your eCommerce site simple is making it easy to scan. In this fast-paced world, people don’t have much time to decipher a site.  Therefore, you should use clearly indicate various sections of your site and use big headers.

In case you deal with multiple categories of products, make them easy to scan for users. This way, they can directly go to the category that they want to look for.  Add images, use a bulleted list, use short paragraphs, and consider multiple header sizes to keep your site simple to access.

Keep Your Target Users in Mind

Regular cash inflow is the blood of any eCommerce store that keeps everything going smoothly within an organization. This is only possible when you have a customer base to get you revenue. So, always remember your target users and deliver the best shopping experience.

This will build trust and make users keep coming back. Many eCommerce stores have achieved the height of success by turning their customers into life-long customers. Building brand loyalty has become possible for them by creating their sites around their customers.

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers, it is high time to work on your eCommerce store. In this digital era, customers come to know how much work went into optimizing the experience just after a few seconds of landing on a site.

Final Notes

Gone are the days when people used to toss and tumble in the crowded markets. Nowadays, it has become easier than ever to get any product or service from the comfort of places. Users become life-long customers when eCommerce businesses engage with customers and provide them good shopping experience.

For high conversion, it is important to have a good eCommerce web design.  So, consider the above web design tips if you are running an eCommerce business and want to gain your edge over your competitors.

Madhavi Taur

I am Madhavi Taur, a digital marketer. I am working with a reputed company Webomaze Pty Ltd.

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