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Tips on Making Your Online Survey More Engaging

Having a free online survey tool is just but one of the first few steps of effectively gathering insights from your customers and using them to your organization’s advantage. Ultimately, you also have to consider your survey engagement. Sure, you may have an aesthetically-appealing survey design. But if your respondents don’t want to complete answering it, or much less open it in the first place, then it’s all moot.

This is why whenever you’re sending out an engaging survey, you have to make sure that your participants don’t want to lose any time answering it. You have to essentially, “tap into their psyche” and figure out the best strategies that make your surveys functional, enjoyable, and useful. This benefits both you and your participants. The richness of data allows you to develop actionable insights. And engaged participants will feel like their time has been well-spent by answering your survey.

So don’t just develop blind questions the next time you’re planning your survey. Instead, put in the work to craft a well-developed survey questionnaire that, while seemingly fit-for-all, personalizes the experience for each of your respondents. In this guide we’ve highlighted some of the tips to help you create a wholly engaging survey like never before. Check them out!

Create Personalized Surveys

For a non-seasoned survey-maker, surveys may appear too bland or uninteresting in general. They typically contain questions that quite frankly, your customers have already predicted. Not to mention the basic layout of this type of survey — it’s all tried and tested, derivative, and nothing new. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Other than added time-consuming minutes of answering forgettable surveys on your respondents’ end.

With these in mind, you have to ensure that your surveys are personalized, both in design and content. They’re just simply more appealing to the respondent. Personalized surveys give off the idea that your respondents’ time and effort in answering them are valued.

To create a personalized survey, set it apart from all the usual surveys that you encounter on a day-to-day basis. For example, don’t just settle with the basic layout provided by basic online survey tools out there. Instead, personalize your own surveys by including your company logo, using a fun, yet professional layout, using a specific font style, or simply adding a touch of color.

Aside from these, when sending out your surveys, tailor them to each specific respondent. You can do this by adding the first name of the respondent in the mail invite. Or even make use of customized HTML invitations that will allow you to add graphics, images, or embed videos.

Improve Your Survey Questions

The meat of your online survey is the questions. Asking the right questions allows you to not only get the answers you’re looking for, but also predict customer behavior in many instances, for example. Once you’re done with data collection, well-generated survey questions can make your survey more accurate, effective, and measurable.

One way of improving your survey questions is by making the language clear, yet concise. Unless your target audience are professionals who are well-versed in a particular industry, try steering clear of jargon that is confusing and difficult to understand. Instead, write questions in such a way that the common folk will be able to easily read and have an answer for.

Another tip with creating questions is to cover as many bases as possible. Give your respondents as many options that cater to their answers. Avoid using biased or leading questions that aim to elicit a specific answer. For example “Why would you recommend us over x brand?” or “How great is our customer service?” Aim for alternatives, like “Which brand would you recommend?” or use Likert scale-question types like “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your customer service experience with us?”.

Provide Survey Incentives

Many factors are considered when it comes to response rates. The quality of survey questions, survey design, mobile accessibility, length, and the like. In fact, a B2B marketing consultancy firm has actually recorded that only around 10% to 30% of surveys sent out were answered by the targeted respondents. Needless to say, this oftentimes depended on the engagement level of the respondents. Another way to effectively boost this is to offer survey incentives.

An incentive is a form of reward or prize that is given to survey respondents after they’ve finished answering it. For example, a company may award a certain number of points that can be converted into cash or a gift card, after the participant answers a certain number of questionnaires.

Get creative with your survey incentives — it can be monetary or product-based in nature. A respondent, for example, may receive a small cash prize that’s wired to their bank account or online money transfer platform. On the other hand, non-monetary incentives may come in the form of free samples or a product or service, which may also prove to be useful in word-of-mouth marketing.

Key Takeaway

When you’re using a free online survey tool, it’s crucial that you maximize all its features to keep your respondents engaged. In this guide, you’ve learned about some of the many effective tips for boosting survey engagement — from simple tweaks to your questionnaires, to providing valuable incentives. All of these proven techniques and strategies will help you not only gain higher respondents, but also keep your customers enthused even long after they’ve completed your survey.

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