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Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

If I suggest that internet speed is one of the most important aspects to consider. When selecting an internet package. Digital nomads would agree whether they work from home or pursue a digital vocation. This article has compiled a complete list of the top ten nations with the fastest internet speeds. But, before we go over that list, let’s have a little chat about the advantages of having high-speed internet providers at home or work.

What is the significance of internet speed?

The most significant benefit of high-speed internet is the enhanced speed. With which you can download papers, do online research. Work with clients in real-time, and so on. Remote working and better communications are made easier with faster internet. In some instances, a sluggish internet connection might have a significant impact on your life. As a result, customers have zero tolerance for slower internet while doing crucial activities. Such as online banking transactions and other necessary chores that need constant internet access.

The internet is becoming quicker all around the world.

The worldwide internet speed is currently quicker than ever, with a global average speed of 9.1 Mbps last year. And, as compared to the previous year, it has increased by more than 20% this year (about 1.90Mbps). Developed countries, in particular. Are the leading contributors to this growth since they have established infrastructure and can quickly deploy new technology when needed.

In contrast, we observe little progress in nations with slower internet speeds, little change in availability. And minimal implementation and acceptance of faster infrastructure. Indeed, nations with the fastest internet speeds are more developed and smaller. While those with slower ones are less developed and more extensive. While the majority of the nations with the slowest internet speeds are in Africa. The countries with the fastest internet are in Europe.

The Asia-Pacific area has the world’s fastest and slowest territories. (Including Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore) (including Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, etc.). The United States has the fastest internet in the Americas, with an average speed of over 32Mbps. In contrast, Venezuela has the lowest rates in the area (with an average of just about 1.35Mbps). With an average speed of more than 16Mbps, the Cayman Islands have the fastest internet in the area.

We conducted extensive research and analysis to compile a list of the top ten nations in 2019. With the fastest internet connections. For your convenience, here is the list:


When it comes to the fastest internet speed, Taiwan is number one in the world. The average speed in the nation is 85.02 Mbps. Even though it is a formal autonomous area of China, most people see it as a separate country. The nation is well-developed, and its largest cities have fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks capable of providing the world’s fastest internet. However, many rural and urban locations in the United States continue to have slower internet connections.


Singapore, a nation with a thriving digital economy, is ranked second on our list of fastest internet speeds. With an average speed of 70.86 megabits per second. More than 4 million Singaporeans (75 percent of the population) use their mobile phones to socialize. And over 85 percent of users have an active internet connection.


Probably, you’ve never heard of this Channel Islands location. Jersey is one of the top ten nations with the fastest internet speeds in the world. Jersey residents have an average internet speed of 67.46 Mbps.


Sweden is ranked third on this ranking, with an internet speed of 55.18Mbps, behind Norway. The nation is Europe’s quickest (as per the latest data).


Denmark has one of the fastest internet infrastructures in the world, with a speed of 55.18 Mbps. The majority of Danes keep connected to the internet and benefit from high-speed internet access. The nation is ranked fifth in the world for the fastest internet speeds.


With an average speed of 42.77 Mbps and fiber optics flowing across the nation. Japan is headed towards even faster internet. Thanks to high-speed fiber optic, the nation boasts the highest peak speeds (almost quadruple the global average for internet users).


Luxembourg is easily ranks 7th on our list of top ten countries with the fastest internet speeds globally. With an average speed of about 41.69. Thousands of houses in Luxembourg benefit from high-speed internet every year.


The Netherlands has a little slower internet speed than Luxembourg. Putting it at eighth place on our list of the top ten countries with the fastest internet speeds. Here, the average internet speed is 40.21 Mbps.


Switzerland ranks ninth on this ranking, with an average speed of 38.85 Mbps. With a GDP per capita of roughly 80,189.70 USD. This nation has one of the world’s most advanced free-market economies (2017).


When it comes to internet speed throughout the world, San Marino ranks tenth. The average speed in the nation is 38.73 Mbps. The banking, electronics, furniture, spirits/wines, and clothing sectors are all important in this country’s economy. Philatelists may also purchase valuable postal stamps here. The main agricultural products are wine and cheese.

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