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Top 11 eBay Listing Optimization Tips To Follow!

Optimizing product listings on eBay is vital to attract more buyers and increase eBay store sales. As of now, there are around 1.3 billion listings on eBay and over 180 million active buyers. So, this is indeed a massive opportunity for sellers on eBay to leverage.

In order to get on top of your prospects’ search results and improve eBay search engine rankings, let us walk you through some of the amazing eBay store optimization tips:

  • Title Is The Foremost Thing

One of the crucial steps to get the eBay Listing optimization right is crafting a perfect product title. Afterall, it is one of the few things a buyer would notice before making any kind of impression. Make sure that you do not exceed the 80 character limit and make the most of it. Don’t forget to incorporate the keywords and phrases with a high search volume to make the search all the more relevant for your potential buyers. However, overdoing it is not at all recommended. Some of the vital things you may include are – 

  • Brand name
  • Model number
  • Color, size, etc.
  • Prime qualities and attributes
  • Incorporate Relevant Keywords/Phrases

You must first identify all those keywords that are associated with your product and then pick the most relevant ones that can be included in the product copies. Make sure to include them in the title and description judiciously. While researching the keywords make sure that you look for competitive keywords with decent search volumes and gradually implement them in your product listing and the alt tags of your product images. Always take into note the terms which your buyers use to look out for a product and that could form the basis of your research.

  • Categorize The Right Way

Shoppers usually search for the product they are looking for directly in the search bar. But, it is still important to put your products under the right categories and subcategories.

Make sure you pick an accurate category for every product rather than going for a popular one.

  • Use The Right Tone & Language To Pitch

You must include every important detail in the tone and language your audience comprehends. Don’t write lengthy descriptions, rather keep them short and crisp. Tell them how to use the product, how it can benefit the buyer and so on. You should also include details regarding probable allergy causing ingredients, if used in your products during the manufacturing phase.

  • Enlist All The Important Details

In order to make an informed decision, buyers tend to look at product descriptions and search for the answers to their potential questions they have regarding the product. If the product copies fail to provide them with the answers, they might just go to your competition. And since you wouldn’t want that, elucidate the product specifications, including product identifiers and qualifiers to get found more easily.

Include bullet points wherever possible and illustrate the key benefits and attributes in a rather clear and concise way.

  • Competitive Pricing

Pricing is extremely important. And since its eBay, the buying audience is actually bargain hunters who are on the lookout for products that have a low pricing. So, you must consider eBay price filters to decide on the product prices. For instance, you have the following price filters:

  • < $40.00
  • $40.00 – $50.00
  • > $50.00

In such a case, setting $41 as the price will be a mistake as it would come under the second category. You might want to fix it at $40 to fall under the first category and still be found by your prospects. Analyze the competition for similar products to decide better.

  • Upload Quality Product Photos

On eBay, a seller can upload up to 12 product photos, that too without any fees. Isn’t it amazing? Believe it or not, that’s a lot if you want to showcase the product the right way. Make the most of it by incorporating different angles, a zoom-in view, and all this in preferably a white backdrop. A white background will eliminate all the distortions that might come in the way and give a rather clear view of the product. Along with the backdrop, you should also take into note the lighting effect on your product. The surrounding should be completely lit. A well lit surrounding helps in accentuating overall product image. The product features, raw ingredients used and other specifications should also be captured in a high zoomed in view.

The quality of photos you upload must be of high-quality and free from any filters or clutters.

  • Including Alt Tags Can Be An Added Advantage

You might find this tip or step an annoying one, but it sure is worth the effort. Why? Because by including alt tags you are actually attracting a great deal of product listing and SEO benefits. Basically, with this step, your potential buyers will be able to find you quicker. We hope now we are making sense!

While loading the product page, if the images don’t just load and your prospects aren’t able to see them, then these image tags will act as a reference of what was there in the image.

Stuffing keywords into the alt tags is a big no-no. Just keep it as descriptive as possible and explain what is actually there in the image.

  • Reassure Your Audience With Easy Refunds & Return Policy

Returns are actually a big deal when it comes to a platform like eBay. While most buyers accept returns, you, on the other hand, not offering any return policy would make the buyers rush to your competing counterparts. With a Return Policy in place, a buyer feels assured against his purchase. They feel secure and confident about the purchase made since if the product doesn’t fit their requirements and expectations, they know that they can easily initiate a return or a complete refund if the scenario falls in line with your terms and conditions.

  • Offer Fast And Free Delivery Options

The launch of Fast ‘N Free in 2014 has pretty much changed the eBay game. This fast shipping program offers swift shipping, that too at no extra cost. As a typical human behavior, every one loves freebies. Offering a Free shipment to your customers for their favorite products can certainly turn the table in your favor. Devise the product pricing in such a way that you add the shipping cost in the product price only. This way you get both the benefits of covering the shipping the cost and also luring the buyer with “Free Shipping”.  If you, as an eBay seller, qualify for it, then you can easily have an edge over a seller who isn’t offering it.

  • Customer Satisfaction Can Make All The Difference

If your prime focus is on enhancing customer satisfaction, then you are actually ensuring loyalty and repeat purchases. And, not to forget, this will further bring in more positive customer reviews in your kitty.

The above mentioned tips will surely help you optimize your eBay listings and bring in more traffic to your product pages, thereby boosting search rankings and increasing product sales. Though if you are finding it difficult to do it all by yourself, you can always go for eBay listing optimization services to take things to the next level or Hire an eBay Virtual Assistant to guide you.

Happy selling!

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