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Top 6 Ways to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

Domine Authority: A high domain authority translates to a good search engine ranking, and vice versa. You have created a satisfying website that you are proud of. You have put it on the internet for display. It is up to the search engine now, to show users your website, to direct them to your webpage, unless the users specifically know the domain address. This is where search engine ranking comes into picture. The Search Engine ranks your webpage based on various factors, one of which is domain authority – or a score of impact your webpage has. This metric is also a good way to determine the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

A leading E commerce website development company in Hyderabad tells us that a domain authority score above 60 should be targeted, while the average score is between 40 and 50. Any score below 40 means your webpage needs improvement.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Name matters

The name you give your domain is also a factor in determining domain authority. If you are taking baby steps into the digital world, keeping it simple and relevant is a good idea. Don’t make it too complicated, use euphemisms or give an inappropriate name.

Remember that being catchy is one thing, but being irrelevant is another. Imagine a educational website with a food joint’s name. It might be catchy, but may seem distracting.

Also stick to one domain. This is  rarity since not many think of changing their domain name once incorporated. But, do not get there. Choose and register a domain name that you know will last for your product, service or brand.

Link, link, link the right way!

Earning good, quality links from across the web are important factors to improve domain authority. To establish good linkages, you must generate quality content, and maintain content freshness. This means publish and engage your audience with creative, informative and relevant content.

Internal linking: This is as important as external linkages, directing users who visit your website find the right resources, pages or similar services they might be interested in. this can be a impactful call to cation in improving domain authority and also improving the webpage bounce rate. Further, it helps search engine index your website better.

External backlinks: Creating quality external backlinks – links that direct traffic to your webpage from external sources also improve domain authority.

Also remember to clean up once in a while – check and remove backlinks that are toxic, broken or lead to spammy sites that will diminish your domain authority more than improving it. You can use a good link manager, or hire the services of experts at a reputed SEO company in Hyderabad for this.

Pay attention to content

Let us face it. There are no more channels now – everything is content. It just changes form – text/written content, audio content, video content and visual content. SEO being crucial is well established by now, and SEO is important for both ranking and domain authority.

Keywords, a good optimized structure to on page content, images – all play a vital role in establishing domain authority. You can do this by boosting keyword relevance, maintaining consistent content freshness, and build an effective content structure.

Create responsive webpage design

domine authority

It is by now a proven fact that mobile devices account for over 50% of internet traffic today. Optimizing your webpage to make it device responsive is a good idea not only to improve domain authority but also enhances better user experience. This is also a key factor in search engine rankings. There are tools and tests like this one available online to test if your webpage is mobile friendly.

Pay attention to webpage load time

An undisputed fact – no one likes a slow loading page no matter how brilliant and beautiful it is. This increases your webpage bounce rate and make users leave your website frustrated. This is also an important factor in determining your website’s domain authority. There are several tools online to determine page speed. It determines if your webpage loads fast enough as compared it’s peers and user experience.

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Social media links, and presence boosts SEO and are a ranking factor. This means you must promote your webpage through good content on social media channels, engagement with audience and interaction with peers. Though the aim here is to not just receive meaningless likes and shares, good content will drive organic traffic and boost domain authority. Make sure you have strategically placed call to action buttons and drive engagement directly.

Domain authority is a metric that can help you assess where you stand as a webpage in this vast space. Use a good tool, or avail services of a credible content marketing company in Hyderabad. A good domain authority will mean a great online presence!

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