Top 7 eCommerce Customer Experience Trends in 2022

Ecommerce is an ever-growing industry that provides various benefits to diverse niches. As we saw from the past two years of global business crises, ecommerce has given many business opportunities to people belonging to different niches. One of the significant reasons why ecommerce sustained the Covid pandemic is its ability to cater to customers with necessities even in times of lockdown. Businesses have tried and tested many strategies to enhance customer experiences. Here, we have some of those and some new customer experience trends that you should leverage in your ecommerce businesses to get the best out of 2022.

  • Develop a Presence on Social Media

Customers like to explore and shop from different stores through their social media. They like the comfort of both channels and devices. Thus, you should have your business accounts on popular social media channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. This way, customers can connect your brand from the comfort of the channel. You can add information like sites for purchasing, customer care numbers, store addresses, etc. You can even chat and interact with your customers through social media. Additionally, adding interactive stories, comments, and posts will help to boost the engagements and will spread brand awareness. 

  • Environment-Friendly Products

91% of global customers expect companies to be helpful socially and environmentally. And to have their trust in your brand, you need to maintain transparency of what your products or packaging is made of. For that, you can use an AI-powered transparency tool that will measure and display exactly the amount of material it takes to make each piece. You can also make climate-friendly products to reduce waste and promote versatile uses. And for packaging, you can go for eco-friendly options like recycled bags or reusable boxes.

  • Convenience of Customers

Ensure your business is on point when it comes to giving convenience to the customers. Fast deliveries, relevant customer support, availability of different channels, etc., need to be on the check. Because missing out on giving convenience to customers will result in losing potential as well as existing customers. For instance, you can install a Magento 2 order delivery date in your Magento ecommerce store to provide real time delivery notifications and keep a record of delivery staff and deliveries. You can use helpdesk and AI chatbot for providing good and efficient customer service.

  • Chatbots

As we discussed before, speed is important when it comes to providing customers with their deliveries or replies to their queries. And to provide on-time deliveries you do not need to hire new staff, chatbots can do it for you. You just need to install a chatbot to your ecommerce store and fill up certain questions with their answers. This way, a customer can answer their common queries from a chatbot. And the significant benefit of installing a chatbot is that you can provide your customers with 24/7 assistance. In case a customer asks a question that you have not filled in with the chatbot, then it will automatically create a ticket and assign it to the belonging department while asking the customers to wait for a while.

  • Mobile Apps

Normally an average person has almost 40 apps installed on his phone. And brands tend to develop mobile apps more than websites because of many reasons like:

  • Able to provide better customizations and personalization
  • Increases engagement of customers through features like push notifications
  • Enables providing offline facilities
  • Provides user-friendly experience

Thus, having an ecommerce site is not enough, you need your ecommerce app to engage more customers. Make sure that you have an excellent UI and UX built in your app. Because your products are not enough to do wonders for your business in the age where people evaluate a brand with many other factors like online presence, services, support, etc. 

Making your app user-friendly is important. Do not let your customers get lost in the grids; instead, assist them with drop-down menus, chatbots, FAQs, app navigation, etc. And all this is possible in a mobile app.

  • Real-Time Services

In 2021, we saw a rapid increase in ecommerce stores giving software reliability and opportunities to apply new technologies. And let me tell you that real-time customer experiences are now not only appreciated but expected. In the helpdesk space, customers expect to receive relevant and personal communications from your brand without a delay in response. You also need to provide them with proactive communication and constant updates like offers, delivery updates, regular interactive notifications, etc. For this, you can use delivery extensions like Magento 2 delivery date extension to provide real-time delivery tracking to the customers.

  • AR (Augmented Reality)/ VR (Virtual Reality) 

AR/VR is a trend that can give your customers an experience of the next level. For instance, if you belong to the fashion industry, you can give a 3D view of your outfits and try to enhance your customer experience and engagement. Similarly, if you belong to the furniture business, you can let your customer view a piece of furniture through every angle and also have a view of how that piece will look in their home. They can even walk into your virtual store if you implement AR/VR to your app.

Additionally, AR solutions speed order picking and even guide workers via optimal routes in logistic industries. Games are a significant example of the application of AR/VR. This provides various real-like experiences to customers. Thus, you can implement AR/VR as per your business’s needs and space.

Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience In 2022 Other Than the Trends

  • Apply customer-centric strategies
  • Provide excellent UI and UX functions and features
  • Make your store user-friendly
  • Market your products effectively
  • Stay creative with your niche
  • Provide seamless checkout and delivery process
  • Enhance helpdesk capabilities
  • Provide personalization
  • Send relevant push notifications
  • Do not forget to take follow ups
  • Display policies clearly and readable
  • Provide relevant content
  • Display customer reviews
  • Implement relevant technologies
  • Offer great community
  • Provide various payment getaways
  • Take customer feedback seriously

As you know enhancing your customer’s experience is the reliable way for an ecommerce store to develop brand loyalty amidst the competitive crowd. And to help you in that, the above trend will be helpful to simplify and uplift the consumer’s overall experience with your store. Just ensure that you implement the right trends according to your business. And do not forget the wonders that loyal customers can do for your business.

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