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Top 9 Floor Designs To Make Your Home Warm and Comfortable

 “Home is not just the structure based on material, but a feeling.”

The first feel you want someone to experience when they visit your home is warmth & comfort. Fit out companies in Dubai are implementing interior designs that offer a warm, homely feeling.

One of the crucial elements in designing a home is flooring. The kind of floors you add to your home interior speaks a lot for your choice and personality. All kinds of floors are gorgeous, but each room and house is separate from the other based on the needs.

Best Floor Designs To Make Your Home Warm 

By warm we do not mean the warm-warm, but the warmth and comfort of affection. You can make your guests and friends feel at home by taking care of the smallest details.

Here are a few floor design ideas to make your home more welcoming.

  • Wooden Panels

Have you ever wondered why Japanese houses look so cute and welcoming? A major element in the Japanese interior is wooden floors and doors. The wooden floors are more popular as they sit on the floor more than couches and chairs. Wooden panel floor can be a great choice in making your home warm and comfortable.

  • Laminate

Many people do not like the texture of wood but love the wooden finish. Laminate sheets are made for you if you’re one of them! They provide the same look as wooden panels, yet they’re more glossy. Laminates can be the g-to-choice for wooden-look floors without having to go for the wood itself.

  • Small Tiles

Anything small in size, placed together in detail gives a very homely feel. It shows that the person is interested in ensuring everything is in right place and seems pleasant to the visitors. Opt for small tiles in neutral colors like white and off-white or beige to give the look of a wider room.

  • Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical patterns don’t only look satisfying but also quite fashionable. If you are looking for something to attract your guests and still not go over the board, geometrical patterns can be your best friend. Either opt for uncrowded geometrical patterned tiles or create geometrical patterns on the floor by different tiles.

  • Conifer Tree Designs

Conifer tree designs are among the most popular floor designs because of how classy they look. They give a gorgeous and warm look to your drawing room, living room, or bedroom, anywhere you want. Fit out companies in Dubai feel that it is a more favorable option to go with wooden tiles to achieve the pattern than to go with other glossy tiles.

  • Stone

You wouldn’t find stone floors in homes commonly, but that’s what makes your house unique! Stone adds a very natural feel to your home, giving warm vibes to the visitors. Besides the guests, you will yourself love the look of stone flooring in your home.

  • Unfinished Hardwood

European interior is the inspiration to many homes worldwide, as it is utterly beautiful. The European interior is based on finished wooden lamination or an unfinished hardwood look. The unfinished hardwood gives a warm and homely feel to the overall look of your home or apartment. 

  • Patterns

Another way to make your guests feel at home by offering comfortable flooring is to add patterns to the floors. They particularly look nice in the living room and kitchen when done appropriately. Look up your favorite designs or consult our experts at Exotic Interior Studio to find out the right designs for your home.

White Parquet

How gorgeous does the wall and flooring look in those fairytales you watch on TV! White parquet is a traditional French flooring design used in homes across France and other parts of Europe. Choose this stunning flooring for your house to let it give out warmth and homely feels.

  • Dark Floors All The Way

While most of the options are based on white, beige, and other similar patterns, dark colors are also a go-go for warm floor options. Apart from brown, wooden palettes, and tiles, going for dark-brown and grey can be among the options.

Bottom line 

Whatever the choice you make, always be mindful about it and it is recommended to consult with interior design experts. Fit out companies in Dubai like Exotic Interior Studio are inclined towards designing homes that give the vibe that you want to offer. Choose among these options or consult an interior design Dubai company to get what you wish in your home!


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