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Top Digital Marketing Tips For Begineers

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, small enterprises are searching for the appropriate opportunities to keep up. Digital marketing tends to offer value for small companies seeking to extend their presence and revenues, given the existing scarcity of physical options and increasing focus on the digital landscape.

You can hire a digital marketing agency Dubai to manage your social media. If you don’t want to look for a social media agency Dubai here are some points to keep in mind while you are trying to work internally

Social Media for All

Since the opportunity is currently restricted for direct face-to-face contact, small companies can access their customers through social media. Social networking is part of much of the marketing plans of small firms. Nearly all SMEs (88%) invest in social media. Social networking has been a practical feature for various companies and generations of digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Usage

Most generations use social media for their businesses: Millennia (91%), Xers (91%) and baby boomers (85%) use social media for their company.

Moreover, in 2020, both generations expect to make use of social media in addition; this year, 50% of millennia, 31% of Xers generation and 26% of baby boomers are planning to develop their digital marketing campaigns.

In addition to social media, the following networks will be invested by each Generation:

Millenniums: email (80%), video (75%) and website marketing Web sites (50 percent)

Xers Generation: E-Mail (73%), Video Marketing (57%) and Online Marketing (59 percent)

Baby boomers: email advertisement (65%), film commercialization (46 percent)

Small companies will carry out innovative digital marketing tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic, so why are social media one of the efficient tools?

Although these social media messages are designed to display the logos of their clients, the profit is obscured.

When connecting people and showing them the ability to meet the crowd. As a result, they love the sites more and bring material out to support married people. In COVID-19, it makes everybody remain optimistic.

Small companies should use platforms like Twitter to show customer feedback to demonstrate what they can do to new customers. It’s a well fitted awning in this situation.

Social networking fosters participation, open collaboration and brand awareness. These components make the client base personalized and confident.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, small enterprises using social media will lure consumers as they spend more time online and home.

Use Email Marketing

While some may contend that email marketing is obsolete, many small companies do use email to promote their customers’ personal contacts.

More than half of the small enterprises (54%), as part of their digital marketing approach, intend to use email marketing in 2020.

According to HubSpot, emails marketing amplify client satisfaction, according to 80 percent of industry leaders. Almost 60% of e-mail marketing respondents state that marketing e-mails affect their buying behavior.

Email marketing’s reach reaches beyond the embarrassing box. It is an important digital marketing platform for small companies who want to extend the scope and presence of their brands.

Many activities are not as expected at this period for companies. Through older items like e-mail, continuity can be achieved while a contact medium remains an immediate need.

Use Website as a Weapon

For companies in this day and age, online exposure is highly critical. If your company does not have a website, it is effectively non-existent within your industry.

To increase their awareness of website marketing, small companies do not need to search further than their web sites.

About 56% of small companies are investing in website ads to enhance their digital footprint in 2020.

Web marketing from internal services is a more concentrated digital endeavour. Website promotion is one of the most observable approaches by establishing online partnerships.

In the field of digital marketing, website marketing is the primary priority. The focus of the company is to produce drone content for the company’s blog by articles and videos.

Make Videos and Create New Content

Since videos spend an average of 88 percent more time on a website, small companies will help to rule the digital marketing circuit with eye collecting videos.

Almost one-third (32 percent) of small companies, and more than half of customers continue to see more video content from the products they endorse, plan to spend more this year in video marketing.

Although making an attractive video requires more time investment, during this time span, various companies are using video marketing as a platform for publicity.


Hopefully these points will assist you to maintain your digital appearance. If you have any other tips to share you can comment below.

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