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Top Hotel API’s That Boost Your Business Growth

Hotels have become an important part of the travel and hospitality industry, as every year millions of business travelers and tourists book and cancel hotel reservations using multiple channels, majorly via agents or telephone. However, many hotels have begun to make this process a lot easier and more automated by using Hotel APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) to allow agents and third-party developers to fetch data from their systems.

In this article, we created a list of the Top 10 Best Hotel APIs currently being used. In coming up with this list, we ranked the APIs based on the following criteria. Besides, if you want to read more information about the hotel API, like what is hotel API, how to integrate it, and how you can use it, head over to the blog 13 best hotel APIs and everything else you need to know about this. Plus, if you’re a business analyst working in the hotel industry or any other industry, check out the APIs for business analysts

1. MakCorps

There are a lot of hotel price comparison apps out there, but Makcorps is the best. Why? First, Makcorps offers an API that allows developers to access hotel price data. This is important for two reasons. First, it gives developers the ability to create their own hotel price comparison apps. Second, it allows developers to access hotel prices from multiple sources, which gives them a better chance of finding the best prices.

Second, Makcorps is affordable. Unlike some of the other hotel price comparison apps out there, Makcorps doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Instead, it charges a one-time yearly fee which is 3500$ for 10,000 APIs. That’s it. Besides, there are no hidden fees or monthly charges.

So, if you’re looking for the best hotel price comparison app, Makcorps is the way to go. With its API and its affordable price, it’s the clear choice for anyone looking for the best way to compare hotel prices. 

2. Expedia Affiliate Network API

The Expedia Affiliate Network API gives developers access to Expedia’s inventory of hotels, flights, and vacation packages. With this API, developers can search for and book travel accommodations and activities, and access trip itineraries and user reviews. The API can also be used to manage affiliate account balances and payouts.

3. Olery Review Data API

Reviews are an important part of any business to build trust and grow online.

If you’re in the hotel business, you want to boost revenue and build trust with your customers. With Overy, you can get access to data about the quality of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, extracted from online reviews published on various booking sites.

There are so many other review-generating APIs, tools, and apps in the market. But, no one can make it simple by offering a trustworthy stream of reviews to populate your hotel online. Plus, by doing this, you may avoid having to deal with finding reviews from several web sources. All you have to do is use Olery Hospitality Review Data API.

4. TripAdvisor Content API

Looking for a way to get TripAdvisor listings, ratings, and reviews for your site or app? Look no further than the TripAdvisor Content API!

With this API, you can get access to all of the same great content that you would find on TripAdvisor, including listings, ratings, and reviews. Plus, the API is constantly being updated with new content, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date information.

Best of all, the TripAdvisor Content API is available to approve consumer-facing sites and apps, so you can be sure that your audience will love the content you’re providing.

If you’re looking for a way to get great TripAdvisor content on your site or app, the TripAdvisor Content API is the way to go!

5. ZUMATA Hotel Booking API

Zumata aggregates the information from multiple providers and presents it on a single page, making it easy to understand. Plus, it also provides hotel inventory from 60+ suppliers and makes it all bookable. Zumata’s hotel booking API has a fully working and scalable online booking engine. It is the most convenient way to quickly reserve hotels for your travel plans, business trips, and leisure travel. Many Travel agencies are already using our API and developers can also already sign up for the platform. 

6. TraveloPro

Travelopro provides travel API integration, third-party API integration, and XML API integration services for hotels, flights, car rentals, holiday packages, and many more. Another service that provides much-needed vacation planning for them the best tools is TraveloPro. Travel pro is a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables small and medium businesses to plan, manage, and optimize the trips they take.

7. Wego Affiliate Network

With a focus on reinventing how consumers search for and assess travel alternatives, Wego (an affiliate network tool) is a top global website for discovering flights, hotels, and activities.

By giving them access to a large travel audience through their websites and applications, it helps its partners expand their companies.

It also allows users to customize their search and receive a wide range of data, including costs, and also enables travelers to make educated judgments. This is what makes it one of the best tools for discovering flights, hotels, and travel activities around the globe.

8.WorldMate API

The Worldmate API allows developers to retrieve specific trip information from customer confirmation emails for more than 1,300 airlines, travel agencies, car rental businesses, railroads, and well-known services like OpenTable, Airbnb, and Ticketmaster. 

By extracting vital details from customers’ confirmation emails, the API enables licensees to put together detailed client profiles.

Apart from that, the WorldMate API also provides, preferred booking channels for flights, hotel stays car rentals, and train rides. As well as the addresses and geocodes for booked hotels, restaurants, and events.

9. Travelpayouts API

The Travelpayouts Data API is the way to get travel insights for your site or blog in an affiliate model. You can get flight price trends and find popular hotel destinations for your customers. We use an HTTP-RESTful API that makes it easy to integrate travel content into a website, blog, or mobile application. If you want to integrate data into your site, this API is a good start. All you need to use our API is an API key, which you can obtain in your account after registering 


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I hope you enjoyed reading our article about hotel booking APIs that help to skyrocket your business growth.

In conclusion, I believe that the hotel booking API is an effective solution for hoteliers who want to increase their revenue and growth. because it lets them automate the whole process of online booking and price comparison, saving costs and extra effort.

Plus, it also makes sense to do research and choose a hotel booking API wisely in order to acquire the desired result. Take time to decide what hotel APIs your business actually needs right now. Ponder the goals of your hotel business; the value you want to provide; your budget; and the profit your business will acquire from using hotel APIs.

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