Top Poker Tournaments To Play In August and Next 3 Months In India

In earlier times, Poker tournaments were organized in land-based casinos, but today, you can take part in whichever tournament you want with your mobile device. Online poker has made participation a very inclusive process. If poker players have been waiting this season to warm up your poker skills, then, gear up because the top poker tournaments in India are here. They are going to be wild and exciting, so make sure you bring your A-game. Here is a comprehensive list of all the upcoming tournaments in India. 

1. India Championship Of Online Poker

Organized by PokerStars India, this tournament is scheduled to begin on 3rd September and continue until 22nd September. They will host around 205 poker events and about 100 knockout tournaments with a whopping cash benefit of 9.05 crore. Besides this lofty guarantee, there are leaderboard rewards worth 10 lakhs and cash prizes for the first 150 rankings. 

2. Grand Poker Series

After a successful last event, Spartan Poker is back with this incredible tournament, with a pool that could extend up to 5 crores. It starts rolling from 3rd August and will host 35 tourneys in the process with a wide spectrum of buy-in possibilities. Some of the main events of the series will be GPS Millionaire One Crore GTD and the High Roller 50 lakhs which are sure to bring in the high rollers. 

3. India Poker Championship

Probably the longest-running Poker tournament in our country, IPC started as early as 2010, and since then, it has only been burgeoning in its cash prize value. In the 2020 version of its main event, the cash prize was estimated at 3.25 crores. Sponsorship deals are waiting for star players as well. The details of the tournament are yet to be made public. 

4. The PokerGuru Tour

This year’s version of the PokerGuru tour will be a three-day event from 25-28th October. Coupled with low buy-ins, the organizers have vouched for a 100% pay-out. The main event is scheduled for Sunday with a massive buy-in of INR 66,000, which is going to attract a lot of high rollers to enroll themselves in the tournament. 

5. PokerBaazi Daily Boost

With a sumptuous cash benefit that extends to 5 lakh rupees, this series of tourneys by PokerBaazi is amongst the top poker tournaments in India. It moves from table to table to ensure that hang time can be avoided. If a player has folded his hands in the current table, he will be shifted to a table where the players are waiting for a new hand. 

The undeniable accessibility that it offers due to its daily nature is something that other tournaments would strive to achieve in reality. It plays itself out between 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Another aspect about this tournament is that the buy-ins start at just INR 1100  and the highest buy-in for the main event is INR 1375. 

6. PokerBaazi Daily Sprint

A cash prize of 8 lakhs for one of the Top Poker Tournaments in India is a very lucrative prospect. This tournament is all about speed. With four events happening daily in their abridged versions, rewards will reach you with severe rapidity.

The buy-ins are very attractive, which entails that a lot more people will be able to participate and therefore, are priced at INR 660 and INR 880, and for high rollers, it is priced at a competitive range of around INR 2000. The Sprint commences on 9th August, and the tournaments start at 11AM and continue all day till 11 at night. 

How Does a Poker Tournament Work? 

A poker tournament can play itself out by 2 players competing against one another or thousands of players battling out in as many tables. Unlike cash games, everything in a Poker tournament is pre-set. This includes buy-ins, blinds, and even the time limit of a match.

Unlike bankroll-based entry in cash games, Poker players in tournaments enroll themselves with an entry fee and stand the opportunity of winning from a massive pool of prize money. The amount that they can lose is their entry fee only. 

Follow PokerBaazi for more updates on upcoming tournaments in India. PokerBaazi is dedicated to bringing to you the best upcoming tournaments in India that strike the right notes of investment and earnings. Besides that, new players can partakr in free online poker tournaments to sharpen their poker skills.

Once you have mastered the free online poker tourneys, you can also get the hang of how poker tournaments, in general, work. PokerBaazi is the answer to all your skill-gaming needs at your fingertips.  

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