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Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

Change is constant and inevitable in any sector, and technology is the thing that has been upgrading continuously over the years. Technology trends are becoming their better version day by day to simplify the way we live. The tech you used yesterday may become absolute or outdated today because of never-ending innovations in technology. 

Some technological breakthroughs have contributed a lot to making this world much better which include AI, Cloud computing, IoT, AR, Blockchain, Big data,  

According to the market expectations, 2021 will bring drastic transformation with new technologies, which include AI, 5G, Analytics, Machine learning, RPA, Blockchain, etc. Organizations that are aware of the latest technological trends and who embrace the change will sustain in the market. At the same time, organizations that are unable to cope up with technological trends may fall behind. 

So let us discuss the top technology trends in 2021 which are changing the tech world. 

High-Speed WiFi:

Although faster WiFi and 5G are different technologies, they both will introduce us to high-speed processing and wireless connection in 2021. 5G and faster WiFi technologies together would create a perfect end-to-end combination by delivering the ultra-speed link to homes and offices. The WiFi 6 comes with the high capability to extend data speed to far more devices.  

There are two main reasons for this technology: The first reason is that the number of devices connected to a WiFi is expected to grow on an average from 10 to 50, and this increased usage will demand high speed, more efficiency, and smart WiFi capabilities. And the second reason is that the quality of the data consuming over WiFi 5 is overgrown, and the previous WiFi failed to cope up with these changing requirements. WiFi 6 is designed to eliminate all these pain points beginning in 2021. 

Robotic Process Automation: 

RPA has been evolving over the years, and it continues to grow. RPA technology trends become very popular, especially in the tech and manufacturing segments. Robotica Process Automation has been gaining the trust of the companies in terms of automating repetitive tasks and adding value to the companies. We have seen in 2021 the flow of money into the RPA companies like UI Path, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere.

Gartner’s report forecasts that the global RPA will reach $1.89 billion next year. If you want to build your career and become successful in this domain, RPA Training will help you to achieve excellence in this domain

Data Analytics: 

Companies that are unable to invest in analytics 2021 will fall behind the ones who are doing it. Data that generates consistently holds valuable insights. Organizations have to embrace Analytics tools to process data, which in return helps them in understanding the customers and to cope up with the growing competition.   

Instead of following traditional strategies, businesses across the globe are leveraging the advantages of analytics to identify opportunities, issues, and solutions. To leverage the growing demand for analytical tools, large organizations like Salesforce have acquired Tableau, and Microsoft has created its own product Power Bi to embrace the growth opportunities in analytics. In the coming years, Analytics plays a significant role in impacting business growth regardless of your business model. According to business experts Analytics will become one of the dominant technologies of 2021.    

5G Networks:

We can say that 2021 will be the year of 5G. The top telecommunication giants such as Qualcomm, Verizon, AT&T, Nokia, Huawei, and Ericsson have started 5G deployments to sustain in the constantly changing technological world. Already some companies have begun releasing the 5G phones to hit the ground in 2021. Every industry that touches human lives daily will transform because of the technological advancements in 2021.  

AI and Machine Learning: 

If you are planning to make use of analytics, you even need to invest in AI and Machine learning to be able to leverage the vast churning seas of information and to put it to good use. Machine learning and AI will add value to the analytics in three different propositions, which are speed, scale, and convenience. Speed and scale automate the task of data analysis instead of assigning this task to a human being. AI and Machine Learning have got the ability to analyze complex data sets within a fraction of minutes. This is not because of the advancements in computer systems. But the AI and machine learning algorithms have gotten smarter in analyzing data by utilizing cloud computing. 


Till now, blockchain is only confined to the crypto areas, but this scenario is going to be changed in 2021. Blockchain is going to spread its wings beyond crypto in 2021. Amazon Web Services have started democratizing this blockchain technology by introducing a blockchain-as-a-service platform. They are planning to provide this service on a subscription basis. We are going to experience blockchain services in diversified sectors. 2021 could be the rising arena for blockchain technology. 

ACPCs transforms the Laptop market:

The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is going to bring a lot of changes in the laptop segment. We always like to connect with our friends and family in the same way we need PCs that are always connected. The expansion of ACPCs is expected to grow with embedded 5G and LTE connectivity. PC manufacturing companies have already leveraged this opportunity, such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc. 

Connected Vehicles, Autonomous drones, and Smart cities: 

We have been hearing about these technology trends over the years. But this could become a reality in 2021 with the combination of Edge computing and 5G would make it happen. When we talk about automated vehicles, autonomous drones, the first company that comes into our mind is Tesla. But Elon Musk is not only the person who is trying to get into this. But there is some alignment closely happening between manufacturing and tech makers. Large corporations are trying to come up with strategies to make the long waiting dream come true in 2021.   


Digital disruption is a never-ending process, and the technology trends that you have seen today may not sustain tomorrow. Getting up to date with the latest techniques would help in continuing in this competitive world. As we discussed, the above-mentioned are the significant technologies that will transform the digital segments drastically in 2021. Even though many other inventions are happening in the technological segment.


Sangeeth Kumar is a Content Contributor at Mindmajix, who is passionate to write about the emerging trends in all type of technologies and contribute his knowledge to understand the concepts clearly.keep in touch with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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