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Transform the World of Communication by Launching a Zoom Clone

People communicate in different ways today. While audio calling and instant messaging are popular, video conferencing is the biggest trend now. Anyone can start a video meeting anytime these days thanks to Zoom. The American platform grew strongly in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. It became the hub of online communication due to factors like lockdowns and social distancing measures. 

Further, Zoom is targeting a humongous yearly revenue of $4 billion by 2022. Importantly, it pocketed an income of $956.2 million in the first 3 months of 2021. With better internet connectivity and a rise in smartphone usage, entrepreneurs must launch a customized Zoom clone for business. Aspiring techpreneurs can approach a skilled app development company to fulfil their business objectives perfectly.  

What are the impressive features of the Zoom clone script?

Classify and Tag video meetings – Users who regularly attend video conferences on Zoom can sometimes struggle to manage their interactions. They can automatically classify their video meetings and sessions to reduce confusion. This feature saves time by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) for organizing all the video content in indexes and tables. 

Conference Room Connector (CRC) – Business firms can interact with their clients and employees 24×7 through the Conference Room Connector (CRC). They can use Zoom Phone to manage a hybrid working environment. Enterprises receive benefits like automatic monitoring of call quality, easy conversion of phone calls to Zoom meetings, HD voice calling, and intelligent call routing.  

Further, corporate companies can enhance their productivity by integrating the Conference Room Connector with other platforms. They can simultaneously use Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce. 

Facial effects powered by Augmented Reality (AR) – Employees and users who attend a Video meeting can enhance their style quotient. They can tap the Studio Effects option. It includes tools for changing the background, face beautification, and video filters. 

Further, people can adjust the colour of their beards, eyebrows, lips, moustache by utilizing Augmented Reality (AR). Later, they can press the “Apply to all future meetings” button to retain the same studio effects.   

 A Help Center – Entrepreneurs can sort out glitches and issues faced by customers through the Help Center. They can offer 24×7 technical assistance via email, live chat, and phone.        

Multi-layer security measures – A Zoom clone for business guarantees a high level of confidentiality and privacy. Entrepreneurs can take security steps like email verification, end-to-end data encryption, a single sign-on mechanism, and two-factor authentication to increase trust in the minds of users. Hence, there is no chance of hacking and phishing attacks on the Zoom clone script. 

Native Voice Commands – All the users of the Zoom clone can utilize their voice to start or stop video meetings instantly. Advanced speech recognition technology processes the natural language of people accurately.    

Screen-sharing facility – Admins, co-hosts, and hosts of a large video conference can split into small sessions. They can start breakout rooms to accommodate the extra number of attendees. Later, they can share their screen with all the members of multiple breakout rooms.   

Smart Gallery – A modern Zoom meetings clone app uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This Smart Gallery records footage of numerous people in a single room. Further, it shares video streams in 3 parts to users who are working remotely.  

Social media login option – Users can start communicating with their family members and friends in a lightning-fast manner. They can sign-in on the Zoom clone by syncing their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Webinar control options – Zoom webinars are ideal for hosts to communicate with a large audience. It contains options like background noise cancellation, live HD video streaming, virtual backgrounds, social media streaming on Facebook and YouTube, and studio effects. 

 Moreover, event managers and hosts can control the video conference effectively. They can make use of options like locking the webinars, muting the panellists, and switching off the raise hand feature. 

Zoom online app marketplace – Users can complete their daily tasks efficiently by utilizing the Zoom app marketplace. They can seamlessly connect with other platforms like Google Calendar, Google Drive, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zapier. 

Members of the Zoom clone script can choose different categories like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Education, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Marketing, Sales, and Telehealth. 

How entrepreneurs can mint money from the Zoom Clone?

Premium Features – Owners of a Zoom clone script can pocket extra income by offering premium features. They can provide additional functionalities such as audio conferencing, cloud storage facilities, a group chat option, and large meetings (500 to 1000 participants).   

Subscription plans – Techpreneurs can offer monthly and yearly subscription plans to both business enterprises and customers. Users benefit from features such as easy management of domains, cloud storage facilities, a social media streaming option, and transcript recording. 

Importantly, they can host large video meetings (300 to 1000 people) effortlessly. Entrepreneurs can offer various subscription plans for large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and small teams. 

Other sources of revenue – Techpreneurs can earn more income by publishing targeted advertisements across communication channels. They can also levy transaction processing charges if users pay via credit or debit cards for the Zoom subscription plans. Furthermore, they can sell software licenses for usage of the Zoom clone for business to small and large enterprises.  

What is the cost of creating the Zoom meetings clone app? 

Numerous facets influence the total budget for creating the tailor-made Zoom clone script. It depends on factors such as cross-platform compatibility, the level of customization needed by the entrepreneur, hourly salaries paid to the developers, kind of basic and premium features, the time devoted, and the type of tech stack. 

Besides that, a well-equipped app development company will offer various post-deployment services. Entrepreneurs will have to spend extra on digital marketing, fixing security vulnerabilities and technical glitches, maintenance of the mobile apps and the web panel, and third-party API integration. 

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, Zoom is the leader in modern video conferencing solutions. Specifically, it will have to handle tough competition from Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. The American platform’s rivals are also adding new features to attract more users. 

Zoom is expected to earn a whopping revenue of $985 million to $990 million in the second quarter of 2021. It will upgrade its Rooms and Phone features to offer a better communication experience for the whole world. 

Hence, progressive entrepreneurs can make a big breakthrough in the digital world by getting the Zoom meetings clone app now from a prolific app development company.

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