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Understanding Your EHR: 5 Effective Tips For Using athenahealth EMR

When it comes to managing electronic health records, athenahealth EMR is one of the biggest names in the industry. However, there is sometimes a reasonable amount of confusion about the software and how it works. Here, to make it easy to understand, are some of our tips on using athenahealth in order to get the most from the software.

What is athenahealth EHR?

With athenahealth, clients across the United States have been able to access a modern software solution to daily issues faced while running a practice. The software is known for creating innovative solutions to match up the modern issues faced by doctors, patients, and practice staff alike, while at the same time aiming to improve the productivity of each clinic. 

What makes athenahealth EMR stand out is their view of the medical practice as part of an ecosystem, of which they envision the software as another stakeholder. The solutions can then be used to create a system that is productive, sustainable, and that holds up meaningful patient care above all else. 

Tips on Using athenahealth EMR

Curious about where to start? Try checking out our tips on using athenahealth to get the best possible results!

#1 – Make Use of Remote Storage

When you’re using athenahealth, all of your data, patient documentation, appointment, and tasks are completely accessible online at any time. This means you don’t have to sign in to the office, or carry giant patient files home, just to keep up with a certain patient. Using the software, you can remotely access all of this and more at any point. 

Not only that, you have options to organize patient data as you store it – instead of dealing with clunky and disorganized files, you can streamline your entire experience as a practitioner simply by using all of athenahealth’s tools that are available at your disposal.

#2 – Easily Look Up Patient Charts 

Even while using software, the process of looking through hundreds (if not thousands) of patient records because you’re trying to identify trends, or looking for a specific kind of patient, can seem like an enormous task.

That is why, if you have athenahealth on your side, your life can be made significantly easier using the chart navigation tools. 

#3 – Communicate Better

If you want your practice to succeed, you can utilize some of athenahealth’s tools that encourage healthy and secure communication between practitioners, staff, and patients. Oftentimes, too many people can lose contact because of laggy software and insecure lines available. 

Your patients will be able to reach out to you through a chat or email feature, while you can also set up a phone line if you need to be in constant contact with certain patients. This also gives you and your patients a chance to schedule appointments quicker. 

#4 – Seamlessly Manage Administration

Your practice and your front staff will thank you for using the tools available in athenahealth EMR to cut down on administrative work-time – you can cover all the administrative needs of the practice easily from one area to smoothen out work all over the clinic. 

You’ll have to spend less time filing claims, along with scheduling and task management, all of which have been automated and made intuitive so you don’t make errors while handling the everyday tasks at your clinic. 

#5 – Connect With Patients Even During A Pandemic

In the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you may have had difficulty reaching out to patients and meeting them on a regular basis. This is why you need to use athenahealth EHR’s telemedicine features so you get to monitor patients even during the lockdown. 

All the communication you have with patients is on a secure platform, so all their information remains safe and private, and no one has to take any risks in order to travel and meet their doctor. 

athenahealth Pricing and Demo

Athenahealth pricing can be inquired from the vendor by reaching out for a customized quote depending on the services you need and the features of your practice. You can also request a demo in order to get a virtual tour of the service where you can ask an expert any questions you have about the software. 

Is athenahealth EHR Right for Me?

If you’re still questioning if athenahealth EMR is the right software for you, simply check out the demo, or read reviews online to see if it fits into the needs of your clinic! We can ultimately not make a recommendation without knowing the specifics of your clinic, but you know your clinic the best – with the right information you’ll know what to do.

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